Bari port

This blog provides a simple guide with all the essential information required for travelling between Bari train station and Bari ferry port. Plus the facilities they both provide. This information is valid as at July 2017, when I travelled through Bari.

Bari Train Station

There are two train stations in Bari, located side by side. The Ferrovia Appulo Lucano trains (for example, travelling from Matera or Altamura) arrive at the local station. Other national/Trenitalia trains arrive at the Bari Centrale station.

  • Both stations don’t have a tourist information point/desk, only ticket information points and cafes.
  • There is a luggage deposit office on Platform 1 at Bari Centrale station, open from 0800-2000 hours. It costs €6.00 per bag for six hours and then extra charges apply thereafter. So if you plan to spend some time in Bari for the day before continuing your journey, I would recommend that you leave your luggage here as opening times at the ferry port luggage offices are unreliable. (see Ferry Port Section). Be warned, this luggage deposit office (at Bari Centrale) will tell you that there is no luggage deposit at the ferry port but I found it was not true.

Bari Bus Station

The Bari bus station is located in the carpark in front of the train stations.

  • Purchase your €1.00 tickets from the tabacchi stores (newstands/cigarettes) inside the train station.
  • Take bus 20/ (must have a "/" after the number 20) to the port. Approximately a 7 minute journey and it drops you at both terminals.
  • Alternatively you can walk to Bari ferry terminal. Allow 20 to 30 minutes.

Bari Ferry Port

There are two ferry terminals at the port. It’s only a 10 minute walk between the two or you can take the free shuttle bus.


the second terminal from Bari train station, a three storey blue building at the port
wait inside the spacious and cool port terminal with checkin desks on each side, better than waiting at bari train station

  • Mainly for departures to Greece.
  • This is a new air-conditioned terminal with ticket offices by all ferry companies. You can exchange your online bookings to the actual boarding pass here. They only need to view your confirmation email on your phone plus your passport. Therefore, you no longer have to race over the main ferry terminal to get your boarding pass, as was the case in the past.
  • Toilets are free!
  • Vending machines and a clothing/swimwear shop upstairs.
  • Snack bar located outside on the pier selling sandwiches, drinks and snacks.
  • a cafe sitting in front a carpark with tables and red umbrellas outside

    Cafe/snack bar located opposite the ferry terminal.

    • Luggage deposit for €4.00 per bag. However, the opening times are from 0830-1230 and 3.30pm-8.00pm. I arrived at 1.30pm, so I waited until 3.30pm, hoping that 1.5 hours walking in the old town will be enough time, but no one arrived to open the office. I was informed at 4pm that it’s closed for the rest of the day. Therefore, if you want to spend the day or afternoon exploring Bari, then I would recommend to use the luggage deposit service at Bari Centrale train station as they don’t close over the lunch/siesta period.
    • The bus stop for the number 20/ bus (to/from the train station) and the free terminal shuttle bus is located just outside the terminal, to the right.


    the first terminal from Bari train station, a three storey port terminal  building with a large undercover area in front.

    Entrance to Terminal Porto di Bari

    • Mainly for departures to destinations other than Greece, for example, Croatia.
    • It’s an air conditioned terminal with ticket offices for all ferry companies. You can exchange your online bookings into physical boarding passes here.
    • Free toilets.
    • Outside, adjacent to the terminal, are two snack bars serving sandwiches, drinks and snacks. 
    a row of small shops with seating in front

    a row of small shops just outside the terminal

    • The luggage deposit office is located next to the snack bars (last office in photo above). The cost is €4.00 per bag. The window displayed two different opening times but generally closed between 1.00 to 5.00pm. I was there at 5.00pm and they weren’t open. Therefore, as recommended earlier, if you want to spend the day or afternoon exploring Bari before departure, I would recommend using the more reliable luggage service at Bari Centrale train station. 
    • The Stazione Marittima bus stop, located just outside the terminal, is for bus number 20/ (to/from train station) and the free terminal shuttle bus.

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    Sightseeing in Bari

    I managed to fit in 1.5 hours of sightseeing and would like to let you know it was well worth it. The old town is a delightful maze of narrow cobblestone streets. Get lost meandering this small area and you will find:

    a narrow cobblestone laneway with colourful buildings on each and wrought iron balconies

    Bari old town

    looking through an archway to the medieval cathedral facade.

    St Nicholas church

    • White stone churches suddenly appear. St Nicholas church is a must. Beautifully decorated inside with the ceiling in bright gold and frescos. Walk down into the Byzantine crypt to view the tomb containing the bones and relics of St Nicholas (stolen from Turkey 1000 years ago). It was the first church I saw in Italy what was free entry! 
    • Browse the souvenir shops or make a stop at a small cafe or pizzeria.
    • In the late afternoon after siesta, when the locals open their front doors, take a peek inside into their tiny living quarters and watch them go about their daily lives - cleaning the kitchen, doing their hair or rolling out the hand made pasta.

    You can easily spend 2-3 hours in Bari old town if you go into every church, visit the castle and make a stop for a snack or drink. I wish I had more time.

    The new town, located in between the old port town and the train station, is a series of grid like, clean streets containing shops and hip bars/cafes. Lots of young people around, as it is a major university town after all!

    Hotel suggestions

    There are apartments galore i this bustling port town. You really are spoilt for choice. Choose to either stay amongst the maze of the old town or outside the walls in the modern town.

    Bedroom in Apulia Nirvana House in Bari

    (the new town)   A tastefully decorated, centrally located apartment. Complete with a small balcony. A few minutes’ walk to restaurants, the old town and the port.

    Bedroom with stone wall in La Felicia in Bari

    (the old town)   Stay in a quiet yet central location. From this modern, chic apartment, you step out the door right into the old town. It features air conditioned rooms and a rooftop terrace.

    Bari Airport Transfer

    Although I personally didn’t go to the airport myself, I did see the staff at the Ticket Information Points at both train stations help travellers purchase their tickets to the airport. It all looks very simple.

    Bari train station to port updates

    If you do encounter any changes when you pass through Bari yourself, remember to post below to help other travellers. Or share this post to friends who are planning to visit Bari and travel beyond Italy by clicking the Share button below.

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    About the author

    Lisa is a travel gypsy by heart, having already been to over 70 countries and still counting. Founder of Travel Groove, to share travel tips, tricks and knowledge with other travellers.

  • Very useful information. I am planning to travel from Patras to Bari via ferry, and was wondering how to get to Matera after that. Your page has given me some idea. Thanks.

    • The reason why I wrote this blog was because I couldnt find the info easily myself. So I’m glad I was of help to you. Enjoy Matera – I absolutely loved it. Matera was my last town in Italy before I caught the train to Bari to catch the ferry. Do let me know if anything has changed since I went there.

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