man holding world globe in one hand and a piggy bank in the other

17 simple budget travel tips to help you spend less on your next holiday

In our daily busy lives, we are always dreaming about going on a holiday. We need time to recuperate or some sanity time away from the boss. But the money is tight and so you hold off taking that relaxing break. However, you can still get away by following some of my budget travel tips. […]

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frogs carrying suitcases walking around a world globe

14 different ways to travel the world without leaving home

The global Covid-19 pandemic may have brought the world to a screeching halt but it doesn’t mean you have to stop ‘travelling’. There are creative ways to get around this and travel the world without leaving home. Yes, the travel bans have seriously altered our travel plans and the way we live. Although we can’t seriously […]

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A monk, a young boy flexing his arm muscles and a young guy trying to use a landline phone, all sitting in the middle of a garden

How the Nepal earthquake literally shook me up

I never imagined that my travelling life would include a Nepal earthquake. Nepal was on my travel bucket list for ten years. My dream was to hike to Everest base camp. But life always seemed to get too busy. Until one day a work colleague sent me a travel subscription email. It advertised a 3 […]

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View of soccer stadium filled with fans and red/white ticket tape sprawling onto the ground

Experiencing football matches in Buenos Aires

Experiencing football matches in Buenos Aires is a day trip that most travellers to Argentina don’t think of. Tourists usually jump straight into shopping, stroll through the colourful La Boca district or perhaps visit the lively historic Plaza Dorrego to watch tango in the streets. However, one lazy day in Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires, a […]

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pedestrian mall street with cobblestones and colourful buildings

Why visit Albania when everyone says it’s dangerous!

Why visit Albania they said. “It’s too dangerous” they said. People go missing. They take your organs. It all sounded like a horror movie. Not sure where people go these images from. Maybe from word-of-mouth or sensational media stories. Perhaps from the movies. It’s funny how people follow group think without seeing or testing for themselves. And […]

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Secluded beach with a boat looking from above

Which town has the best Montenegro beaches

Which town has the best Montenegro beaches? Where is the best place to stay along the Montenegro coast? This is what I heard many backpackers ask while I was on holiday in Albania in 2019. I found myself asking the same questions too. Montenegro’s small coastline only has 72km of beaches, so it can’t be […]

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the acropolis

Best places to photograph the Acropolis

What are the best vantage points to take photos of the Acropolis? I found myself asking this as I prepared for my Mediterranean holiday, with my first stop being Athens.  ​When I went to Athens for the first time many years ago, I met a traveller as she was leaving Greece and she told me the following: ​‘There […]

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frequent flyer credit cards

Learn how to fly free every year using my frequent flyer credit cards trick

How to get a free flight is music to every traveller’s ears! The easiest way I’ve found is through frequent flyer credit cards. Although airfares are cheaper now than 20 years ago, it’s still incredibly gratifying to get a free flight. Then you can use your savings towards extra spending money while on holidays or […]

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festivals in Italy

Family and festivals in Italy – not a quiet day!

Choosing the quietest village to attend local festivals in Italy away from the tourists did not give me the quietest day. Nothing is quiet when staying with an Italian family in Italy!About the regionI was visiting friends in the peaceful village of Tarzo, located 60km north of Venice in the province of Veneto. It’s built […]

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4 day shortcut in brazil

What a 4 day shortcut in Brazil taught me

‘Let’s take a shortcut and go directly north’, suggested excitedly by my Brazilian roommates Egi and Silvia. My head went into brain freeze. Hesitation grasped me because nothing was written about it in my Lonely Planet guide. I do like to pre-plan a little so that I’m prepared. So it was unnatural for me to […]

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