shopping in kuala lumpur

How to plan your shopping in Kuala Lumpur – 9 places to bag a bargain

If bargain shopping is one of your favourite passtimes, then you will want to know how to plan your shopping in Kuala Lumpur. Put your shopping skills to the test by visiting 9 of the KL’s best shopping centres. Do you think its possible to visit nine multi-storey malls while shopping in Kuala Lumpur during Malaysia […]

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travel gadgets

How travelling without modern travel gadgets can lead to a negative experience

During my recent six month holiday, I discovered how travelling without modern travel gadgets can lead to a negative experience. Especially in today’s techie world. Many years ago I started my travelling days as a backpacker and look back favourably on those journeys.  It was pre-internet so it felt like I was a true adventurer, discovering […]

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Hawaii Ocean Rafting - maui snorkeling

Choosing the best Maui snorkelling tour in two easy steps

When I arrived in Lahaina (west Maui), I found myself with a daunting task – how to choose the best Maui snorkelling tour for me. There are a few companies lined up at the Lahaina harbour, brochures mention other companies and tour desks on Front Street give you even more options. These tours are not cheap, […]

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LA outlet shopping

The best outlet shopping in Los Angeles

Share0 One of the favourite pass-times in L.A. is shopping. Street malls, strip malls and huge shopping malls are located everywhere. But if you want to save money or love finding bargains, then outlet shopping malls are the way to go. So where is the best outlet shopping in Los Angeles?I personally went to all […]

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London airport transfers

London airport transfers guide – what is the cheapest way?

Share0 I have created a simple London airport transfers guide to show you the cheapest way to travel from any London airport to the city centre. In case you didn’t know, there are five airports servicing London!During your planning stage, sometimes your airfare search may give you options for more than one London airport arrival. […]

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Bari port

Guide for travelling between Bari train station and ferry port

Share0 This blog provides a simple guide with all the essential information required for travelling between Bari train station and Bari ferry port. Plus the facilities they both provide. This information is valid as at July 2017, when I travelled through Bari.Bari Train StationThere are two train stations in Bari, located side by side. The […]

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Where’s the best place to stay on the Amalfi coast in Italy?

Share0 The coast south of Naples (Napoli) in Italy is known as the Amalfi Coast and has so much to offer. So as a first time visitor it is hard to know where’s the best place to stay on this scenic coast.This was a question I asked myself during my vacation in 2017 and so […]

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pack and travel light

8 simple tricks to pack and travel light

Share0 We all need simple tricks to pack and travel light as we are all guilty for bringing too much – packing our travel bags with way too much stuff for our holiday. We only end up using half the stuff and wearing half the clothes. What a nuisance to lug it around everywhere with […]

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cinque terre towns

Essential info for all Cinque Terre towns

Share0 Prior to arriving to Cinque Terre, the one thing I found difficult to find was essential details for each Cinque Terre village, such as location of ferry ports and train stations, walking distances between the towns and did they have a deposit luggage service.I also had imagined that that the train line would be […]

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cinque terre trail - vernazza

The best way to hike the Cinque Terre trail

Share0 Cinque Terre is a major tourist attraction in Italy. And the number one activity in Cinque Terre is to do a hike between the villages, whether it’s one section or the whole five villages. So what’s the best way to hike the Cinque Terre trail?Having spent a week in Cinque Terre, I would like […]

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