cinque terre trail - vernazza

The best way to hike the Cinque Terre trail

Share0 Cinque Terre is a major tourist attraction in Italy. And the number one activity in Cinque Terre is to do a hike between the villages, whether it’s one section or the whole five villages. So what’s the best way to hike the Cinque Terre trail?Having spent a week in Cinque Terre, I would like […]

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buy chianti wines

How to buy Chianti wines in Tuscany without being ripped off

Share0 In Italy, you cannot go past Tuscany without trying some wine. This ‘how to buy chianti wines’ guide is a collection of the many facts I learned while travelling the beautiful Tuscany region for three weeks.Eventually, it was during the middle of my Tuscany adventure that I did a wine tour with My Tours. […]

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Gluten free lucca

Eating gluten free in Lucca

Share0 Eating gluten free in Lucca (in Italy) was easier than I thought. In fact, the more I travelled in Italy the more I found it easy to eat gluten free. Below are some suggestions for your trip to Lucca (as sampled in June 2017). Da Gherardo located in Anfiteatro​ Da Gherardo offer hand made […]

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bagni di lucca

How to visit Bagni di Lucca without a car

Share0 If you’re staying in Lucca, in Italy, it is difficult to find information on how to visit Bagni di Lucca without a car. You can’t even find tour agencies in Lucca that display tourist information and day tours to buy. Its virtually non existent. There is a small tourist office at the Lucca train station […]

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Top travel tips

Top 3 travel tips I learned after visiting 70 countries!

Share0 I met a young and energetic American traveller starting out on his travels. He wanted to know, “what would be my top 3 travel tips to someone starting their own travelling adventure?” You see, I was at the start of my 5 week journey in India. I was enjoying meeting lots of other like-minded travellers […]

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Mighty Bright MiniFlex – travel gadget review

Share0 In my first travel gadgets review blog, I will be reviewing the Mighty Bright Miniflex book light. Specifically, I test its suitability as a travel gadget. I did hours and hours of research to find the best product. (yes, I love to do investigative research and analysis to make sure I buy the right product […]

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travelgroove - first aid kit

3 easy steps to create your own compact travel first aid kit

Share0 When packing for travel, I always include a travel first aid kit. You can buy an expensive pre-made professional first aid kits. Usually from camping stores, pharmacies, your city’s ambulance service or at a traveller’s medical centre. But I usually find them full of items that I have never used in my eleven years of […]

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Why do you love to travel

Why do you love to travel?

Share0 I spent eleven years on the road backpacking all over the world. Most adventurous Aussies travel for 1 to 2 years. Consequently, I have travelled to over 70 countries now and often wonder why do I love to travel so much? Then on a recent trip to Queensland in 2016 I read the following quote […]

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