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frogs carrying suitcases walking around a world globe

14 different ways to travel the world without leaving home

The global Covid-19 pandemic may have brought the world to a screeching halt but it doesn’t mean you have to stop ‘travelling’. There are creative ways to get around this and travel the world without leaving home. Yes, the travel bans have seriously altered our travel plans and the way we live. Although we can’t seriously […]

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frequent flyer credit cards

Learn how to fly free every year using my frequent flyer credit cards trick

How to get a free flight is music to every traveller’s ears! The easiest way I’ve found is through frequent flyer credit cards. Although airfares are cheaper now than 20 years ago, it’s still incredibly gratifying to get a free flight. Then you can use your savings towards extra spending money while on holidays or […]

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cities colour your travels

How can cities colour your travels?

I started thinking about how can cities colour your travels when I was reading the Qantas Inflight Magazine on a flight to Queensland last year. I read an article about cities that coloured artist John Olsen’s life. But before I started to read it, I sat back for a moment to reflect on what cities have […]

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holiday staying in a family members house

7 tips to enjoy a holiday staying with family

What could possibly go wrong when on holiday staying with family? Do you look forward to greeting your family members to spend some quality time with them or do you pretend you’re not home? Quite a dilemma – but it doesn’t have to be. Recently, I’ve been reading stories about travellers staying with their relatives or […]

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Why do you love to travel

Why do you love to travel?

Share0 I spent eleven years on the road backpacking all over the world. Most adventurous Aussies travel for 1 to 2 years. Consequently, I have travelled to over 70 countries now and often wonder why do I love to travel so much? Then on a recent trip to Queensland in 2016 I read the following quote […]

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