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man holding world globe in one hand and a piggy bank in the other

17 simple budget travel tips to help you spend less on your next holiday

In our daily busy lives, we are always dreaming about going on a holiday. We need time to recuperate or some sanity time away from the boss. But the money is tight and so you hold off taking that relaxing break. However, you can still get away by following some of my budget travel tips. […]

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cruise tips for first timers

Cruise tips for first timers

You are planning your first cruise holiday but you want some cruise tips for first timers to ensure you don’t mess up. I can certainly help you as I worked on cruise ships for two years. I have sailed around the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal and up the west coast of USA. And spent […]

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what is backpacking

What is backpacking like – can you do these 5 steps

I’ve had a couple of friends ask what is backpacking like and how do I do it. How does one start backpacking when previous holidays have been organised tours or packaged holidays to one destination. To most it sounds scary and daunting. But some want to give it a go, enticed by the flexibility it affords […]

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how to avoid jet lag

How to avoid jet lag using this little-known way

What if there was a simple way on how to avoid jet lag and it doesn’t involve drugs! One of the major disadvantages of travelling around the world is the inevitable crossing of time zones. Consequently, this leads to suffering from jet lag. Wouldn’t you like to beat the side effects of long distance travelling – […]

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best travel insurance

How to choose the best travel insurance policy that won’t leave you out of pocket

How to choose the best travel insurance policy can be mind boggling. Especially as there are now many options available online. You need to ask yourself; do the cheapest deals adequately cover your type of travel? It is exciting to travel and explore foreign lands. But it can also attract unexpected mishaps and extra costs. And […]

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healthy travel snacks

4 healthy travel snacks for your next flight to arrive energised

Today’s guest blogger is Madhu from Sacred Cooking, is sharing her healthy travel snacks ideas. She also shares a recipe that you can take on your next holiday. Over to Madhu! Going away for the holidays? Get my favourite tips! They are the best!!!   ​Do you know every time I travel I ask for tips from […]

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staying in backpacker hostels

Facts about staying in backpacker hostels – its not as scary as you think

I’ve done a lot of backpacking in the past and even today I love staying in backpacker hostels type of accommodation. I didn’t think there was anything unique or scary about them until Sandra from Vancouver asked me “What’s it like to stay in hostels? What can I expect, especially for a woman?”. It dawned on […]

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long haul flight tips

8 simple long haul flight tips to help you arrive feeling refreshed

I’m sharing my long haul flight tips to help you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go. Have you ever thought that having a well thought out plane travel routine is just as important as packing your suitcase with all your ‘essentials’? It’s one thing to be organised before you depart on your […]

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travel packing guide

A travel packing guide to ensure you have everything you need before you depart

A travel packing guide is so essential as it helps you pack your bags quickly and effectively before you depart and while you’re travelling. My eleven years of non-stop travelling saw me start travelling with a full suitcase (in which I only wore half the clothes anyway). Then to a fully stocked rucksack (jammed to […]

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travel with money

Best way to travel with money overseas – for safety and less fees

A question every traveller asks is whats the best way to travel with money overseas? In particular, which is more safe and what will incur less fees. This applies whether you are an experienced holiday maker or a travelling novice. So let’s look at the pros and cons of all the different ways to travel with […]

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