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How to find cheap flight tickets is the number one mission for all travellers. Because the more you save on airfares and accommodation, the more spending money you have at your destination.

When I was a travel agent, it was simple to get a list of all the airfares. We had access to a database displaying all airlines and airfares. I could check from lowest to highest prices.

However, the good news is that you can find your own cheap flight tickets on the internet yourself. It’s easier than you think.

Below I share 7 hacks on how to find the cheapest airfares. These are tips that I use myself.

1. Third party airfare databases

Similar to my travel agent databases, everyone now has access to free online airfare databases. These are third party websites that show prices for a select number of different airlines. They earn a commission from the airline if you purchase a ticket from their website or by clicking on a link.

The advantage of using such websites is that you can compare many different airlines fares on the one webpage. Therefore, it saves you from jumping from one airlines’ website to another.

The main disadvantage is that most of these third party websites will have attached higher amendment and cancellation fees compared to purchasing from the airline directly. Read an earlier blog for more details on how to avoid high airline change fees.

These third party websites include Expedia, Webjet, Kayak, Momondo and my favourite Skyscanner.

Here’s how to use Skyscanner to find cheap flight tickets

  1. Enter FROM, TO and DATES and then click on the SEARCH button
  2. Use the filter to SORT the airfares into what is more important to you:

    -  lowest to highest airfare
    -  fastest flights first
    -  by departure time
    -  by preferred airlines
    -  Or sort by the number of stopovers – from direct flight/1 stopover/2 stopovers. There’s an extra filter on the right hand side of the page where you can select/deselect the number of stopovers.
screenshot of skyscanner webpage search for cheap flight tickets

Once I’ve chosen the airfare I want, I tend to book the airfare directly on the airlines own website. To book the cheapest flight is not always in my best interest. I prefer the flexibility and lower cancellation/amendment fees as I do tend to change my itinerary at times while I travel.

TG Tip:   Don’t want to use a third party website? Why not check out this comprehensive list of low cost/budget airlines, listed by country.

2. Airfare alerts

One way to keep in the loop of cheap flight ticket deals is to sign up to airlines newsletters. By booking a hot deal when it is released, you will always be travelling at the cheapest time.

I’ve signed up to all my favourite airlines I normally fly with, including budget/low cost airlines. Then I’m always in the know when they release a special. Plus you get to know when you’ve actually got a good deal because you can compare it to previous prices you’ve seen advertised.

If you know in advance where you’re travelling to, you can do the following:

  1. You can check Skyscanner or other third party airline websites to check out the airlines that fly there
  2. Then sign up to each airlines own newsletter to get the airfare deals hot off the press.

Or, some travel groovers prefer to choose their holiday destination based on the current airfare deal released. So sign up to ALL the airlines and third party airline websites newsletters – be pleasantly surprised!

Using Skyscanner alert system

If you don’t have the time to check airfares every day for new specials, try Skyscanner ‘s cool Airfare Alert system. You simply set up email notifications of your desired airfare/destination. Then you receive an email every time there is a drop in price.

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the FROM/TO/DATE in the search box.
  3. Click on Search Flights.
  4. Then click on GET PRICE ALERTS in top left corner of page.
screenshot of skyscanner webpage showing Get Price Alerts
  • Now you just need to log in to Skyscanner (or create an account if you haven’t already) in order to finish setting up the alert emails.

I used this service while booking flights for my parents to fly Toronto to Vancouver earlier this year. Prices were at CAD400. I created the price alert and about 2 weeks later I got an email that showed airfares dropped to $250. Well worth the wait!

TG Tip:  If you're the type of traveller that makes spontaneous travel decisions and therefore has to book at the last minute, then remember to check out Expedia's Last Minute Deals

3. Identify the cheapest day to travel

Continuing from the Skyscanner example in previous section, you have an option to scan for the lowest airfare within the month.

So on your airfare results page, just above the Get Price Alerts button is the words “Show whole month”. Click on that and view the cheapest price for every day of that month. Great for travellers who are not restricted to a particular travel date.

screenshot of skyscanner webpage showing whole month function
screenshot of skyscanner webpage showing whole month cheap flight tickets search

4. Airline happy hour deals

Some airlines release airfare deals on certain days or times. For example:

Virgin Australia offer Happy Hour airfare sales every Thursday from 4pm-11pm
{Update June 2020:  the Happy Hour sales were removed when Virgin went into administration during Covid-19 lockdown. The airline has since been bought by Bain Capital and therefore waiting if happy hour will be re-introduced.}

Jetstar has a Friday Fare Frenzy. Sign up to their newsletter and you will receive the email on Fridays.

Eva Air offers Happy Hour fares for a limited time, not at a set time. So just enter your departure/destination cities to check if there is a current happy hour price.

Ryan Air does something a little different.  You can select your budget (the maximum you want to spend) plus your departure city and it will show you all the destinations that fit under your budget.

Go and check out your favourite airlines websites and be familiar with any weekly spot special times (happy hours!). Or Google ‘airline name special airfare deals’.

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5. Travel during Non-Peak seasons/periods

International airfares tend to be divided into 3-4 main airfare seasons.

  • Low season – the cheapest airfares but usually less favourable weather conditions at the destination.
  • Shoulder season – in between periods.
  • High season – the most expensive periods tend to be summer months, school holidays, and public holidays (such as Christmas and Easter).

Then you have special events slotted in anywhere inbetween, such as festivals and major sporting events (grand finals, World Cup soccer, Wimbledon tennis, Grand Prix). The airlines and hotels always like to make a quick buck on such occasions.

TG Tip:  if you prefer to travel during the summer months, you can save money on your airfare by flying out on the last day of the Shoulder season.

6. Weekday travel

screenshot showing cheapest airfare for each day of the week

Other non-peak periods I have found are on weekdays. Especially for domestic travel – within one’s country.  With such short flights, travellers like to do weekend getaways, so Saturday and Sundays can be quite popular. Therefore the airlines will take advantage of that and hike the prices.

The busiest weekday is Mondays. It could be because people are travelling back from a long weekend getaway. Or it could be because of business travel – popular day for professionals to fly out to business meetings/work trips.

Again, scan for the lowest airfare over a period of a week or two to discover the cheapest days. Just like the Skyscanner example in section 3 of this blog.

TG Tip:   Routes with more airline options will have cheaper fares and more deals. More competition always leads to more specials. If there is only one airline flying the route, don’t bother waiting for any deals!

7. Book in the country’s local website

I’ve been seeing a few reports lately on how travellers have saved money by purchasing the airfare in the local currency.

This only applies to routes where the origin (the FROM city) is not in your country. So this means booking a return airfare as two separate bookings – from your city to your destination and then the return flight in a separate booking. Or perhaps you only need to book a one way flight anyway.

For example, you live in London but you want to buy a one way fare from Johannesburg to London because you used your frequent flyer points to get a one way ticket to South Africa.  Normally, when you view an airlines website, it will grab your IP address and change to your country’s website version (ie. This is so that it can show prices in your own currency (ie. British pounds).

However, if you change it to the country’s local website (by changing the website extension from .uk to .za) so it can display in local currency (ie. ZAR – South African rand), you may find a cheaper price. Even after converting it from ZAR to GBP at your banks exchange rate.

Another hack is to change the language of the website to the local language. Here’s how one couple saved money by changing the language settings of the airlines website.

Take note that it doesn’t happen in every situation but it’s always worth checking.

Start today looking for cheap flight tickets

So incorporate at least one of these tips and you will save money on your next flight booking. Write in the comments below if you have other tips that helped you find cheap flight tickets in the past.

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