Discover the 13 different ways to find cheap flights online.

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13 Ways

to find cheaper flights online

What's inside the ebook

Avoid over-paying for flights.

Book your own flights online using any of the suggested tactics, tried and tested by a travel agent!

Tactic overview

Simple overview of 13 different ways/tactics that you can use to ensure you get the cheapest airfare each time. 

Tips and pitfalls

The explanations include helpful tips and how to look out for pitfalls that cost you money.


Some of the ideas contain a link to a more in-depth, step-by-step process explanation.

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About the Author

A travel gypsy by heart, having already been to over 70 countries and still counting. Has worked as a travel agent around the world. Even worked on cruise ships. Currently, a travel blogger and the Founder of Travel Groove. Loves sharing travel tips, tricks and expert knowledge with other travellers.

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