Countries visited

My current total country count:  71

'Been there, done that' is popular phrase for travellers to brag about the places and countries visited. But how often do we keep a concise and neat list on where we have we explored in this beautiful world? Not often is my guess. So I found a nifty world map where I can highlight all the countries I've been to so far.

Why not try for your self by clicking on the tab at the bottom of the map. On the above map you can also highlight the country name by hovering your cursor over it and you can zoom in/zoom out using the functions in the top left corner.

I created my own rule though - must have stayed in the country for at least 48 hours! Therefore, I do not include airport transfers - not enough time to get a glimpse of culture or food! Make your own rules and follow them during the whole tracking process.

If digital is not your thing, why not download a 'countries visited' tracker that I have created. The list is based on the countries used by the makers of the above world map. I decided not to use the UN list of countries because not all countries are members of the UN! So print out the tracker now, and mark each box for the countries you've been to and tally them up.

How many countries have you been to? What is your goal?

  • Samantha Van Kuyk says:

    luv reading abt ur experiences.
    where is the best and cheapest place to visit to shop. I’m a 5ft petite aussie who adores the hunt for fresh fashion and loves finding my size in clothes n shoes.
    I’ve bin to HK, KL, LA, NYC, UK, Bangkok for shopping….but ur experiences are far greater and more than mine….
    i do luv looking great for not much$$$.
    i look forward to ur reply.
    kind regards

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sam. For petite clothes and shoes, you cant beat Asia! My favourite destinations for variety and pricing are Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur, which you have already been to. I love USA too because there is outlet shopping everywhere! Destinations that most people dont think about is South America, mainly because it is perceived as an adventure destination. However, I went crazy buying clothes and shoes in Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) – check out Argentina Travel Tips. So that would be an adventure + shopping holiday!

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