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  • I am not a company or travel agency, just a person sharing my experience and knowledge to other travellers that may find it useful and looking to solve travel challenges
  • Please treat all information on this website as a guide only and not gospel, as things change very quickly in our modern world. Especially when it comes to current prices, addresses, opening hours, phone numbers, website addresses and travel information. Therefore, always confirm details direct with operators/agencies/airlines.
  • Even though I do always try to keep all the information up to date, there could be delays as to when I finally notice a change has happened myself or a Travel Groove user helps me by spotting it first and then notifies me. You can email me with any inaccurate information that you find and I will correct them immediately… well as soon as I can get to a computer!
  • I reserve the right to change how I manage or run Travel Groove website/blog and that I may change the focus or content at any time I wish (change keeps life interesting :)).


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Affiliate Disclosure

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  • My first priority is always providing valuable and useful information to fellow travellers to ensure you have the best and most economical holiday and therefore will only ever link products or services that fit within this purpose or have used myself.
  • I will not promote any products or websites for which I personally have had a negative experience with and was not able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction or if they seem dodgy. I am very particular in who I recommend.
  • Please note that it’s impossible for me to be held responsible for the actions of my affiliate companies and advertisers. If you have an issue with any product or service that you have purchased from the links on the Travel Groove website, you will need to contact that company directly to resolve the issues. However, do feel free to let me know if you are experiencing issues with a particular company because if I find that other travellers are experiencing the same, then I will delete that company’s links from my website.

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