“Feed the soul” Groove

"Feed the soul" groove refers to health and wellness travelling. All about nourishing our body and mind.

More and more people struggle to live in the fast pace world of the 21st century. As a result we suffer from anxiety and depression. Thankfully more people are realising we need time to spend on ourselves. That perhaps we need internal reflection in order to feel contentment and stay sane!

Therefore, it's no surprise that the health and wellness industry is booming. We need to get back to basics and nature in order to recharge our bodies and mind.

feed the soul by doing group yoga class on the beach

There is a variety of activities you can do to revitalise the soul:

  • Health/detox retreats
  • Music/chanting festivals
  • Yoga retreats and festivals
  • Vipassana meditation centres - live in silence for a week (no talking , no electronic devices!)
  • Meditation workshops
  • Spiritual pilgrimages
  • Hiking

How to find your own 'feed the soul' groove

Simple, just Google! Use search words such as health retreats, detox retreats, yoga centres or spiritual tours for the country you plan to visit. It's the easiest way to access the wide number of places available on this wonderful planet.

Alternatively, below is a list to help you get started in your research.

World Weavers - spiritual and adventure tours.

Kopan Monastry - introduction to Buddhism.

Chiva Som, Thailand - health retreat.

G Adventures - small group wellness tours

Find the Beloved - spiritual pilgramages in India.

Bhakti Fest - yoga festival California.

Dr Joe Dispenza - meditation workshops worldwide.

Deva Premal & Miten - spiritual new age music concerts and workshops.

watching the sun while standing on mountain peak

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