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It’s that time of year again where we have to start thinking what gifts are we going to buy for the holiday season. If you have family or friends that love to travel, then I would like to share with you 8 novel gifts for travelers that are trending this season.  

As I’m a big travel groover myself, I always love receiving travel gadgets. Anything that makes my travelling easier and more enjoyable. So I think other travellers are the same. 

And this is the month to start looking to buy. November is the start of the sales. You have click frenzy, black Friday and cyber-Monday. Now is the time to bag a bargain. If you have no idea where to start, take a look below at the following 8 travel gift ideas to get you started. You might even find something for yourself!  

Our top 8 gifts for travelers

gift for travelers - two different sized grey and mesh packing cubes

Compression packing cubes - by Pack All

There are packing cubes galore online and in all travel/camping stores. But this is the first time I’ve come across that also acts as a compressor. Each cube contains an extra zipper that allows you to compress the cube. Meaning it can help you save some space in your bag. You can always expand it later when you want to fit more items in it. 

I love how the top section is made of mesh material. Allows your clothing to breathe and you can identify your clothes immediately instead of pulling everything out. 

Comes in a set of two sized cubes. On sale for US$13.99 until 24 November. 

his and hers passport covers

Mr & Mrs Passport Holder - by Deluxy

Perfect for couples who love to travel. The Mr and Mrs Passport Holder includes a his and her passport cover, luggage tags and an engraved pen. A novel gift for the couple who has everything and love to travel. As their motto states – “ouples that travel together, stay together”. 

On sale for US$29.99 until 12 Nov. 

black and red arm rest cover

Airplane armrest covers – by Travel Arm Guard 

Add more ‘luxury’ to your next plane travel by covering the arm rests with these padded sleeves. It’s made with soft memory foam on the top section, helping you to travel in comfort. It has pockets on both sides to store items such as earphones. And has 3 openings to allow you to feed through any cables in order to watch the movies.  

It also has a second function for those worried about travelling during Covid times – can help protect you touching contaminated surfaces. They arm rest covers can also be used in buses and trains. 

yellow coloured bra pouch

Travel bra pouch – by Pacsafe 

You can never be too careful. Every country I’ve been to, I’ve always met travellers that were pick-pocketed somewhere along the journey. Where ever tourists go, pick pocketers will be there. 

This is a handy pouch for women to keep their money, ID and credit cards safe from wandering hands. Its made of soft fabric and clips around any part of the bra – on the side under the arm or at the front. 

It doesn’t fit a passport or phone but it’s a discreet way to carry money around in the evenings. I used to stuff a purse down the side of my bra but ran the risk of not feeling it should it fall out. Having a clasp is much better. 

On sale for from US$14.00 (price varies according to colour), until further notice. 

grey and white colour canvas daypack

Women canvas daypack  

Love this funky bohemian looking daypack featuring embroidery on a heavy duty canvas. Perfect for the traveller who wants a tote looking bag instead of an outdoor daypack that looks like you’re about to go on a hike. 

It comes in an array of colours and an unusual anti theft designed closure. I read all the reviews and everyone said the bag closes securely and cant see how a hand could get in without you noticing. 

On sale for US$36.92, until further notice. 

Novel gifts for travelers like a suitcase cover with a red and white combi van print

Custom designed luggage covers – by Big Car Job 

Be the envy by other travellers at the airport when they see your colourful luggage. These spandex covers will not only keep your luggage clean but you’ll also be able to spot your suitcase immediately on the conveyer belt. 

There is a huge range of colourful and vivid designs to choose from. All offering high visual impact and increase the mood of travellers around you. The stretchiness of the fabric makes it easy to put on and remove. 

black sony headphones

Noise cancelling headphones - by Sony

This I absolutely recommend as I always travel with mine. It cuts out the engine noise so you can clearly hear the audio on the music or video channels.  

And Sony are the leaders in the field when it comes to noise cancelling. With up to 30 hours battery life, you know it will last on those long haul flights, unlike the earbuds.  

Sony have a couple of models to choose from. This model starts from US$248. 

White coloured mini sized drone

Digi Mini 2 foldable drone 

Do your travelling family or friends get envious of all those drone shots on Facebook and Youtube? Many don’t realise that you don’t need heavy sophisticated professional equipment.  

Diji have created a mini drone that is foldable and compacts into a small case. It is light at 249grams (8.8 oz). When folded it fits into the palm of your hand – I know I tried it myself. It shoots in 4K HD. Has a 4 times digital zoom. And you can share directly onto social media.  

A perfect companion for the traveller who wants to take their holiday snaps to the next level. 

Selling for US$449. That’s less than a DSLR camera! 

Other ideas as gifts for travelers

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So which gifts for travelers are you going to surprise someone with?

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