by Lisa  |  22 June 2017

Gluten free lucca

Eating gluten free in Lucca (in Italy) was easier than I thought. In fact, the more I travelled in Italy the more I found it easy to eat gluten free. Below are some suggestions for your trip to Lucca (as sampled in June 2017).

a pizza with knife, fork and glass of red wine on a red table

Da Gherardo

located in Anfiteatro

Da Gherardo offer hand made gluten free pasta and pizza. The pasta choices are either penne, spaghetti or tagliatelle. Which you can combine with any pasta sauce on the menu. The pasta was firm and the sauce was delicious.

I went back the next evening to try the gluten free pizza and ordered the 4 Giorni (4 seasons). My excited taste buds enjoyed the crispy crust but the central part of the pizza base was doughy. It was still gluggy, tasting uncooked. Not sure what flours they use but they need to make some adjustments to the recipe. The toppings were delicious.

They add EUR1.50 - 2.00 to menu price for gluten free option.

My rating:

two white plates with pastry and bread

Gabry Cafe

- located in Piazza Del Salvatorre

The cafe offers 4 gluten free options. They offered three frozen options (lasagna, cannelloni and pizza margherita. And the fourth option was a mixed salad with sliced gluten free bread.

I had the lasagna and it was surprisingly delicious. It was unfortunate that the portion was tiny and therefore not filling enough.

My rating:

a tiramasu in a cup, eating gluten free in lucca

L’isola che non c’era

- located in Via Degli Angeli

This cute restaurant only offered their 4 spaghetti dishes as gluten free options. The portion size was disappointing and the sauce content was minimal. Not happy for EUR8.00.

But they saved the evening when I encountered my first gluten free tiramisu ever. Absolutely delicious. Again the portion size was too small!

I wouldn't eat here again, mainly due to the small portion sizes. However, the other meals looked great though.

My rating:

eating gluten free in lucca with a half eaten pizza on a wooden board and a glass of beer

Mara Meo

- located in Piazza San Francesco

They have two establishments, on opposite sides of the piazza.

They offer 11 different gluten free pizza’s. Unfortunately they use frozen pizza bases, so its very thin and difficult to cut. It was ok to eat as it was better than the frozen gluten free bases I ate in Rome!

You can dine in the lovely outdoor courtyard area if you don't want to eat facing the main piazza.

They also offer gluten free beer too.

My rating:

Cantine Bernardini - in Piazza Bernardini

I didn't get a chance to eat here but Cantine Bernardine's menu board always looked enticing as I walked by. It showcased mainly vegan and gluten free options. Every main meal was gluten free plus they offer gluten free pasta.

Starbene Bakery - located on via Catalani

Starbene is located outside the city old walls. It’s a five minute walk out the bus station gate (Piazzale Verdi).

Everything in the bakery is gluten free. Wide selection of breads, cakes and savoury snacks. My favourites were the little bread rolls (so soft and the dough didn't crumble or taste dry), the flat spinach filled pastries (so delicious), focaccia (that tastes like a normal focaccia) and donuts!

Starbene is a bakery chain and therefore you will find them in other cities, such as Siena and Florence.

My rating:

Grom gelateria - located on Via Fillungo

Grom is a gelateria chain, so you can find them all over Italy. Everything in the store is gluten free, including the gelato, cones and biscuits. Their seasonal fruit gelato’s are to die for.

My rating:

Feel free to add any comments below on your encounters eating gluten free in Lucca.

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