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Eudaimonia  (n.)    
[ yoo-di-moh-nee-uh ]

Origin: Greek

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Hi Travel Groovers! My name is Lisa and at last count I've been to 71 countries. My path to becoming a Global Gypsy began when my Geography teacher took us on a school trip to Singapore. I was so mesmerised by the different culture, food and landscape that I immediately caught the travel bug. After completing a business degree in tourism management and working in various large travel organisations in Australia and UK, I backpacked around the world for 11 years non-stop. Even worked on cruise ships in the Caribbean. I believe life is enhanced through travel adventures. My passion isn't just to share my wealth of travels tips but to also help you prepare for your holidays with ease and save money - Travel Made Easy! Find out more

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Listen to my "infectious & inspiring" interview by Chloe at "If a hostel could talk"

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Complete list of Low-Cost Airlines from all around the world.

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Tips and links for travellers who love to the cruise the world.

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All the favourite online booking websites located on one page.

Backpacking Groove

Tips and links to help travellers who love to backpack, solo travel or groove on a budget.

Feed the Soul Groove

Feed Your Soul with pilgrimages, hikes, yoga festivals, meditation workshops, singing and dancing.

Travel Gadgets Groove

A list of handy travel gadgets to use on your next holiday.

Travel Emergency Tips

Important information on what to do when an emergency arises while travelling and helpful tips on what you can do before you depart.

Insider Travel Tips

A list of handy travel tips shared by some travelling experts - people who travel A LOT!

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