3 compact inflatable travel pillow reviews

BY Lisa 

|  10 January 2022

There is one item that always travels with me on every long-haul flight I take. That would be my trusty inflatable travel pillow.  

Well, living in Australia, every overseas flight we take is a long flight! Which means we eventually nod off for a little nap, especially on those 18-hour flights. And there is nothing worse than waking up with a crook neck. Then you spend the next two days ironing out the pulled neck muscles.   

There are many inflatable neck pillows for travel out there. And the only way to know what works is to test them. So, I purchased three different types of inflatable travel pillows and put them to the test over a three month period. 

I may not be able to fly overseas just yet thanks to a particular virus! But as I work in Australian mining, we are flown to/from site every 2 weeks. On my last shift, I finish work at 6am, board the flight at 8.30am and promptly fall asleep for the entire flight home. So, I was able to thoroughly test each inflatable travel pillow and share the results below. 

Disclaimer – I personally purchased all three neck pillows below for this test and review. Also note that some links are affiliate links. Please read the Disclaimer page for more info.

photo of Go Travel super snoozer neck cushion in grey colour

I chose to test this one as I wanted to know if a flat-back design really is better for you. They say it's more ergonomic as the back of the neck pillow doesn’t push your head forward.  


  • Soft material: Fleece cover which has a soft velvety feel on the neck and face. Feels quite lush. 
  • Ergonomic design: The flat back design, that sits behind your neck, is super comfortable and supportive. It doesn’t push your head forward. 


  • Long inflation: Takes a long time to inflate. Almost went blue in the face as it was difficult to blow air through the mouthpiece. It takes trial and error to find the exact spot where to pinch the mouthpiece to allow the air flow in/out.
  • Loses air: It starts to deflate as soon as the plane begins descending. 
  • No carry bag: Doesn’t come with a carry bag or cover. So, I just used the plastic packaging that it came in. 
  • Doesn’t hold head in place: It is comfortable when you first place it around your neck. But I kept waking up to find my head is nodding forward instead of resting/tilting to the side. The reason could be the fact that the side panels of the pillow are not long enough. And therefore don’t curve around to the front of the to keep your head upright. 
female sitting on plane with inflatable travel pillow around neck

I loved the soft velvety feel. But disappointed that it didn’t keep my head tilted to the side onto the travel pillow. And that it's difficult to inflate. So I give it a star rating of 3.5

photo of Samsonite compact inflatable pillow in grey

I selected this inflatable travel pillow purely for its size. It’s the smallest neck pillow I have ever seen. So, I was keen to see if it was supportive too. And I was curious about their claim that you can inflate with 2 breaths! 


  • Small and lightweight: The smallest and lightest travel pillow I’ve ever come across. When rolled up, it is so compact you hardly notice it in your bag. Hardly takes up any room.  
  • Carry bag: Comes with a travel pouch. 
  • Soft material: One side has a fleece cover, so feels velvety and smooth on the jaw and cheeks.  
  • No air loss: Due to their patented valve system, there is absolutely no air escaping in between breaths as you inflate the pillow.  
  • Quick inflation: Claims it inflates in 2 breaths. For me, it took 2.5 breaths - if you want the extra firm feel.
  • Quick deflation: And deflates in one second when you open the secondary valve. 


  • Doesn’t hold head in place: It feels comfortable around the neck but I kept waking up to find my head is nodding forward. Just like the Go Travel inflatable travel pillow above. I don’t know if it’s the velvet material making the head slide or if it's because it doesn’t have a flat back design behind the neck. Perhaps its pushing the neck forward
  • Small in size: Even inflated the neck pillow is quite small. I think it will only suit travellers with a small or thin neck. 

As I’m all about light packing, I loved how small and light it was. But again, disappointed that it didn’t keep my head resting/tilted to the side onto the neck pillow. So I give it a star rating of 3.5

photo of Korjo inflatable snooze cushion in its packaging

This is the very first inflatable travel pillow I used. As I was happy with it, I continued using it until it formed a hole. And then replaced it with the same model.  


  • Ergonomic design: The back part of the pillow that sits behind the neck, is made with a narrow orthopaedic design. Different from a flat back design or the traditional horseshoe shape. It did promote a more natural position for the neck while sitting upright. And it wasn’t pushing my head forward. 
  • Holds head in place: I would wake up with my head still tilted to the side, resting on the cushion. Not once have I woken up with my head nodding forward.  
  • Thick material: It is made of a thick suede like material, so it feels sturdier and more resistant to holes. 
  • Internal valve: It doesn’t lose air so quickly due to the valve inside the mouthpiece. 
  • Relatively easy to inflate and deflateby squeezing the lower end of the mouthpiece which opens up the valve inside.


  • No carry bag: doesn’t come with a carry bag or cover. So, I just used the plastic packaging that it came in. 
  • No velvet material: The material does not have a soft or velvety feel to the skin like the Samsonite neck pillow. But doesn’t feel rough on skin. 
  • Lasting quality not as good now: I’ve had to replace the pillow 4 times now, as I always seem to get a hole in it. Not sure if it's being caused by me (my earrings) and how I handle it or if it’s the material. Only the very first one that I bought lasted me 10 years. 

I found this inflatable travel pillow the most comfortable. It kept my head in position and didnt cause neck pain. Two reasons why I didn’t give it a 5. Firstly, the material is not super soft like the other brands but it’s not irritating. Secondly, I feel these neck pillows should last as long as my original purchase. 

Which is the best inflatable travel pillow? 

Let's start with a quick summary of the three reviews above. 


Go Travel



Soft/Velvet Material

Carry Pouch

Inflation Ease

Deflation Ease

Head stays in position

while sleeping





Now lets look at them side by side.
female sitting on plane with inflatable travel pillow around neck

Go Travel - Super Snoozer

female sitting on plane with inflatable travel pillow around neck

Samsonite - Compact Inflatable Pillow

female sitting on plane with inflatable travel pillow around neck

Korjo - Inflatable Snooze Cushion

Or you can watch a video review of all three cushions, by clicking on the image below.

Click to play

I guess its difficult to say which neck pillow is the best because it depends upon a number of factors, such as: 

  • Each inflatable travel pillow comes in different shapes and sizes 
  • Every persons physical make up (i.e.. Size and shape of neck) is different. 

It is time consuming and costly to try every neck pillow on the market. But hopefully the above reviews will give you an indication whether the travel pillow could be suitable for you. Also, you can make a judgement on which to purchase based on what is more important to you. E.g. The size of the neck pillow when packed or if you want the velvet feel on your face etc. 

For me, my favourite is the Korjo Inflatable Snooze Cushion. Mainly because of its ergonomic neck design keeps my head in place while I sleep. That is more important to me than the soft velvet feel. 

If you have any specific questions on the products, jot them in the comments below. Which inflatable travel pillow will you buy for your next plane trip? 

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