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When I first heard about the Go City Pass, my first question was ‘how does Go City Pass work?’ Followed quickly by the next question ‘is Go City Pass worth it?’ 

Travelling is not cheap, especially to the world's most vibrant cities. Ticket prices to attractions are ever increasing and quite costly. But I don't want to miss out either. So I’m always looking for ways to either save money or stretch my dollar further.  

So when I heard about Go City Pass, I was intrigued on how this pass was going to save me money. I did some investigating and cost analysis – which I’m very good at doing. I don't like being tricked or end up paying more. And I was quite surprised. 

Are you seeking new ways to make the most of your travelling money? Want to see how you can receive discounts for multiple attractions? Read below delve into the inner workings of the pass and discover how it can enhance your travel experience. 

What is a Go City Pass? 

A Go City Pass is an app that lives on your smartphone, which gives you access to a multitude of attractions and activities for one discounted price. In fact, they claim it can save you up to 55% on sightseeing, tours, museums, art galleries, sporting events and more by grouping them together. I put this to the test further down this blog. 

Go City don't just offer the standard major attractions either. They have magic shows, quirky museums, jet-skiing, zip lining and even discounts for certain shops and cafes. So there is something for everyone’s taste. 

Currently there are 30 destinations to choose from across the globe. They include travellers favourite cities such as London, New York, Rome, Paris, Singapore and Sydney. 


Types of passes 

Go City offer two types of passes for each destination. 

All Inclusive Pass 

  • Visit unlimited attractions for each day of your pass. 
  • You can choose a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 10 day pass. 
  • Ideal for travellers who want to experience maximum entertainment in a short amount of time. 

Explorer Pass 

  • You choose how many attractions you wish to visit, and you have 60 days in which to see them.
  • You can choose between 2 – 5 attractions.
  • Ideal for travellers who have time and want to explore the city at a leisurely pace.

Go City Pass vs separate attraction tickets 

Lets go through an exercise of comparing the Go City All Inclusive Pass for New York against buying the attraction tickets separately. 

I will take you through the process step by step, so that you will be able to do it yourself for your destination and personal interests. 

Step 1 – Select the city 

At the very top of the Go City website, click on Select City. 

Snapshot of the top section of Go City Pass website

 A separate box will pop up listing all the destinations. Click on your desired destination. For this exercise we will click on New York. 

Step 2 –  Select the Go City Pass price 

Click on All Inclusive Pass to view the prices for each of the multi day passes. Write down the price. 

For our New York example, we shall select the 3 Day pass. 

List of Go City Pass prices

Step 3 – View full list of attractions 

Scroll down the page a little and click on the View the Full List green button. 

Screenshot showing Go City Pass new york tours

Now it will list all the tours and attractions that are permitted to be used on this pass. As you can see, there are 106 options to choose from for New York. There will be something for everyone here. 

Step 4 – Select the attractions you are interested in. 

The bonus of this attraction list is that it also displays what the current price is for this ticket if you were to buy it directly at the destination. This is what we need to make our comparison to the Go City Pass price.  

So go through the list and write down all the tours you wish to do, together with the individual ticket price. 

For those of you having trouble selecting tours, click back on the All-Inclusive Pass box to return to previous page. Scroll down a little to see their 3-day example itinerary. I have created my own, as you will see in step 6. 

TG Tip:  It's best to keep to the rule of three – 3 tours per day so that you are not rushing through everything. Also, that you don’t exhaust yourself by the end of the day. 

Step 5 – Add the total cost. 

Now add up all the tours/attractions you selected to give you one total cost. 

Step 6 – Compare 

I always like to begin my stay in a new city with a Big Bus Hop On Hop Off tour. A great way to get your bearings around the city and check out where you would like to return to spend more time. You usually have time to make a couple of stops. In this example I have chosen a visit to the Edge observation deck and then end the day viewing the city lights by night from the Empire State Building. 

In the next two days you can choose from a wide range of tours or attractions that interest you. In the example below, I have chosen some of the more popular ones to demonstrate the cost difference. 

Here are the results of my New York example. 


$154 - 1 day pass
$214 - 2 day pass
$259 - 3 day pass
$299 - 4 day pass
$339 - 5 day pass


DAY 1:
$80.00 - Big Bus downtown/uptown
$50.08 - Edge observation deck
$51.17 - Empire State Building

DAY 2:
$25.00 - Statue of Liberty & Ellis Isl
$43.55 - Top of Rock Observatory
$50.34 - The Rink at Rockefeller Cent.

DAY 3:
$52.00 - Best of NYC cruise
$47.89 - Madame Tussauds
$58.09 - New York Yankees game

$458.84   Total cost of tours from Day 1 – 3 

$259.00   Cost of a Go City 3-day pass 

$199.84   Total saving – that’s 43% saving. 

By purchasing the All-Inclusive Pass, you will save $200. Therefore, it's definitely worth buying the pass. 

Check out more New York tours by clicking on the below image:

Another comparison – with the London Go City Pass 

I went through the above steps but with London this time. Once again, I got favourable results. 

I’ve been to London several times and even lived there for two years. So I already know what my favourite tours are and would happily do again. I’ve done the  hop on/hop off three times now, including Big Bus. I also found some new tours that I would like to do on my next visit to London. 

As London is a huge city, it’s a good idea to group your tours/attractions according to specific areas for each day. Then you don’t waste valuable time travelling from one end of the city to the other. 

As previously stated, I always start with a Big Bus Hop On Hop Off tour and use that as my transport for the day to get to attractions. In this example, I grouped Tower of London, Tower Bridge and view from the Shard as they are within walking distance to each other. For Day 2, we can use the City Cruise as transport for the day to arrive at Greenwich. Lots to explore there. 


GBP90 - 1 day pass
GBP125 - 2 day pass
GBP138 - 3 day pass
GBP151 - 4 day pass
GBP166 - 5 day pass


DAY 1:
GBP37 - Big Bus hop on/off tour
GBP35 - Tower of London
GBP12 - Tower Bridge
GBP37 - Views from The Shard

DAY 2:
GBP23 -City Cruise River Pass
GBP18 - Royal Obs Greenwich
GBP38 - Up the O2

DAY 3:
GBP27 - Westminster Abbey
GBP24 - Shakespeare Globe Th
GBP23 - St Pauls Cathedral

£277.10    Total cost of tours from Day 1 – 3 

£138.00    Cost of a Go City 3 day pass 

£139.10    Total saving – that’s 50% saving. 

There’s your evidence, you can indeed save up to 50% on your tours by purchasing the Go City Pass. 

Check out more London tours by clicking on the image below:

The benefits of using a Go City Pass 

  • Savings – It can save you money compared to buying separate tickets for each attraction. 
  • Flexibility – you choose the number of attractions you want to visit within a designated timeframe.  
  • Freedom of choice – you choose the tours as you go along. No need to decide or book beforehand. 
  • Ease of use – You only need one pass for your whole stay, always on hand on your smartphone. 
  • Variety – There is a wide variety of tours and interests for each city to cater to diverse interests and preferences – museums, galleries, theme parks, historic sites, bus tours, bike tours and more. 
  • Skip the line access – some attractions offer skip-the-line privileges at popular attractions. 
  • Plan a budget – The pass can be pre purchased in advance and then activate it during the trip. No need to worry about tours eating away at your spending money. 
  • Full Refund – If your plans have changed and providing you have not activated your pass yet, you can return it within 90 days after purchase for a full refund. 
  • All Inclusive Pass benefit – you can add as many places as you want to visit for each day of your pass. 
When the Go City Pass will not work for you
  • Low cost tours – if you select all the cheapest tours/attractions available, it will be lower than the pass price. 
  • Low number of tours – if you only want to do 2 tours/attractions per day, the pass wont be suitable for you. I found in my research that you need to do at least 3 tours per day, with at least one high priced tour to get a benefit from the pass. 
  • Break days – if you want to take a break from touring during your multi day pass, you will lose the benefit of savings. Thats why its important to do the above cost and compare exercise we did in the previous section to ensure you are getting value for money. 

How to get started with a Go City Pass 

Its a very basic, simple 3 step process. 

  1. 1
    Purchase your pass online 
    @ Go City Pass . Choose either:
    All-Inclusive Pass – unlimited attractions over a designated number of days. 
    Explorer Pass – choose up to 5 attractions over a 60 day period. 
  2. 2
    Down the Go City Pass app onto your phone
    Sync your pass to the app by entering the confirmation number from the email. 
    Easy to start planning as it includes entry information, opening hours and maps. 
  3. 3
    Activate and explore
    Activate your pass when you visit your first attraction. 
    Use the app to find other attractions – either pre-plan or on the go! 

The verdict – is Go City Pass worth it? 

After calculating two favourable results from the two most popular meccas for tourists, you can probably guess my answer. I give the Go City Pass the thumbs up. 

It’s definitely a must-have for your next city adventure. Especially if you like big-ticket attractions or like to visit multiple attractions in a day. Overall, the Go City Pass offers a convenient and cost-effective way for travellers to explore and experience cities. 

Unlock the doors to endless possibilities with the Go City Pass. What's your next destination? Give the comparison exercise today and let me know how much money you will save. 

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