Mighty Bright MiniFlex – travel gadget review

BY Lisa 

|  13 May 2017

In my first travel gadgets review blog, I will be reviewing the Mighty Bright Miniflex book light. Specifically, I test its suitability as a travel gadget.

I did hours and hours of research to find the best product. (yes, I love to do investigative research and analysis to make sure I buy the right product – I hate wasting money).

The two main complaints I read was that the battery didn’t last long and that they easily broke.

The important factors I was looking for was:

  • Small enough to take travelling.
  • Sturdy enough to not break in my bag.
  • Bright enough that I could actually read my book or write in my travel diary.

The best brand

The brand that won hands down was Mighty Bright. I found that they had the least amount of negative review comments. Not one review I read mentioned anything about the product breaking on them. 

The model I chose is the Mini Flex rather than their Travel Flex model. The features I like about Mini Flex are:

  • Has a wide sturdy base clip to grip a wider part of the book cover or page. It was for this reason alone that I chose this model instead of their Travel Flex model. The Travel Flex has a narrower base but the overall size of the book light is smaller than the Mini Flex. Choose what is more important to you.
  • You can place the base of the clip on a table and acts like a lamp if you wish to write. In contrast, you're not able to do this with the Travel Flex.
  • Flexible but strong gooseneck.
  • One LED light.

Mighty Bright offer other models that have 2, 3 or 5 LED lights. However, bear in mind, it increases the size and weight of the product (requires more batteries). The aim is to always pack as light as possible.

Plus a few of the reviewers stated that there wasn’t any difference in light emitted between 1 and 2 LED lights.

My Analysis of the Mighty Bright Miniflex

I used the product for 6 months, for approximately one week a month in which I used it nightly for that week.


  • The amount of light that it emitted impressed me. It virtually lit up my whole crossword book (A4 size). 
  • Batteries lasted longer than I thought (compared to the reviews I read on other brands). The strength of the light is still the same after 6 months.
  • The goose-neck is easily adjustable and after some use it stays in the required position.
  • Sits and balances perfectly when perched on the table.
  • The quality is strong. I carried it in a plastic folder in my day pack, with water bottles and lunch boxes. Nothing broke or fell apart.


  • It took a short while for the goose-neck to loosen up. To eventually sit in desired position and avoid creeping back up. Works perfectly now.

TG Tip:  Always keep your books and diaries in a plastic bag or folder. It protects them from leaking water bottles!

big thumbs up

To show you how bright one LED is, in the video at the top of this page I do three tests. A hard cover book, soft cover book and A4 sized crossword book/magazine. See the results for yourself.
I'm impressed with this product. I highly recommend it. So click on the Amazon link below to check out further details, colours and pricing. Buy one....you won't regret it.

Which colour will you choose - silver, black, purple, green???

Click on image below to view on Amazon. Note the now model -  MiniFlex2.

Miniflex2 book light in blue colour

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