Plan and book your travel online

Learn from a travel agent pro how to book your holiday online the easiest and cheapest way. Avoid the stress.

category 1

Booking flights

You will learn in the following blogs how to book the cheapest flight online every time. Save money now.

category 2

Booking hotels

Learn how to find the best hotel deal for your holiday. Plus why you should consider looking beyond a typical hotel.


Booking cruises

There are so many cruises to choose from these days. I simplify the decision making process for you.

category 4

Buying travel insurance 

I have always travelled with travel insurance. I never let any of my clients go overseas without travel insurance. Just dont leave home without!

How to travel with money

A bonus blog for you to read. I have used all methods of travelling with money and compared the costs. Read the blog to find out which is the best way to travel with money.