Safesleeve anti-radiation air tube headphones review

BY Lisa 

|  24 June 2021

One way to protect your ears while listening to music on those long-distance trips is with Safesleeve air tube headphones. I learnt this during my journey of researching the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) on the human body. It was increasingly clear that Bluetooth earbuds attract high levels of EMFs to our ears. So, I thought it would be best and safer to stick with the ‘ancient’ wired earphones to protect my ears.  

However, I was horrified to learn that EMFs also travel up the cables directly to our ears. It seems it's a lessor amount than earbuds but we’re still not completely free of EMFs.  

Then I discovered anti-radiation air tube headphones by Safesleeve. For my run down and feedback, you can either watch the video above or read below.

How they work

You see, the traditional wired earphones have wires for the entire length of the cable. Wire is metal and therefore it conducts radiation from your device, such as mobile phones, up the cable to your ears.  

However, the air tube headphones look the same as traditionally wired earphones. Except that the last 20cm to your ears is made of a clear silicone, which looks like a hollow plastic tube. As the EMFs travel up the cables from your device, it stops at the silver beads. But the audio continues through the plastic tube section which transfers sounds to your ears by using sound waves.   

female hold air tube headphones to show the clear silicon tubing

Silicon tubing from the silver beads to the earpiece

Some reports I read state that these air tube earphones reduce EMFs by up to 98%, however without showing the actual lab results. Then I checked on the SafeSleeve website, but they only show lab results for their anti-radiation phone cases. It seems you need sophisticated equipment to test headphones. You need to separate and block out the EMFs that will be emitting from your phone.

So, it appears that the air tube headphones stop most of the EMFs travelling all the way to your ears.  But do they work as good as the traditional wired headphones/earphones? Well, my ears put it to the test! 

Spec's / Features 

Firstly, let's go over the spec’s and features. 

black circular case with white coloured headphones coiled inside inside
  • They come in black or white, neatly packed within a little circular zipped case. Small and light which is perfect for travelling. 
  • 3.5mm audio plug that connect to standard headphone audio jacks. If you have an iPhone with a Lightning jack, you will need a 3.5mm to lightning adapter. 
  • Built in mic, which can be used for phone calls, Siri, voice recordings etc. 
  • Volume control slider 
  • Control button –  
    one click to answer/hang up a call or play/pause music
    two clicks to play next track or hold for Siri/assistant 
  • It comes with three sizes of earplugs. 

Now to my thoughts after wearing them for six months. 

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Wearing the air tube headphones

Earplug sizes

3 sizes of white ear plugs that attach to the end of the ear piece

Unfortunately, the smallest size earplug is so small that it falls out of my ears. It looks like a child’s size. Then it was a big jump to the middle-sized earplug, which I found too big for my ears. I wish there was an in-between size. Currently, it feels like the sizes are tiny, large and XL (my wording!). 

Over the ears

female holding air tube headphones to show the pre shaped tubing to fit over ears

Showing the pre-shaped tubing to fit over your ears

The headsets are designed to wear OVER the ears.  The cables have already been pre-shaped for you.

Their instructions show that you can wear them directly into your ear if you wish. So, I tried wearing them with the buds placed directly in my ear (the traditional way) and the music sounded completely different. In fact, a bit tinny. No base or stereo. It must have something to do with the angle the buds are sitting in my ear. It just doesn’t look cool with the clear tube sitting over the top of the ear!! 

two diagrams showing how to insert the air tube headphones into the ears

However, if quality of sound and personal adjustments (eg. Bass, EQ etcis more important to you, then don’t buy these headphones. You would be better off buying a SYB H.A.R.D device, which attaches between your device and any headphone of your choice. Basically it turns any headset/headphone into anti-radiation without losing sound quality. Click on below image for more details. 

The beads

Be aware though to keep the silver beads apart as when they bump into each other, it echo's though to the ear piece and into your ears. It’s quite loud and annoying when it happens.  

The beads, where the radiation stops, sits about jaw level. Which to me means that it's still close to my head. Would have preferred the beads to be sitting lower. 

Volume slider

The volume slider is small. As it slides on a small scale, you have to adjust in tiny increments. I find it easier to adjust when the volume on the device is set at its highest level. 

close up of the thin volume controller for the air tube headphones


I had no issues using these headphones while talking on my Samsung Galaxy S10e phone. I could hear everyone clearly. And they heard me fine as well.  

EMF reduction capabilities

As I don’t have the tech or know how to test if there is indeed a reduction of EMFs to the ears, I’ll have to take their word for it. Did I feel physically any better wearing these earphones? Truthfully, I felt no difference at all. But I did feel better mentally that perhaps I was looking after my body and health.

don’t use Siri or other assistant apps, so I can't make any comment about that. 



Here is a summary of the pro’s and con’s. 

  • You’re reducing the amount of EMFs hitting our ears (if the tests are true and correct) 
  • Come in a handy case, perfect for travelling – small and lightweight. I'm all about packing light!
  • The audio is average. If you’re not concerned with having the perfect quality sound but want to be health conscious, then these air tube earphones are sufficient. 
  • The earbud tip sizes won’t suit all. Nothing suitable for an adult that has small ear holes. 
  • Have to be mindful to keep apart the beads at the start of the clear silicone tubing cable. 
  • The music can sound a little tinny at times. For the white over-the-ear version, it can be improved by adjusting the angle of the earbuds into your ears.
  • Will have to buy an adapter if your device doesn't have the 3.5mm jack.

Product Rating Summary

As they function adequately after I make some minor adjustments, like the angle I insert them in the ear and keeping the beads apart, I'm happy to continue using the Safesleeve air tube headphones. Even better now that they offer an in-ear version (in black)

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars




Thumbs up for Safesleeve air tube headphones

If you’re crazy about having top quality audio music or want to adjust the EQ yourself, then I think you’ll be a little disappointed.

However, if you’re like me, where health and protection from EMFs is more important, then the Safesleeve anti-radiation air tube headphones are more than suitable for your listening needs. Click on the image below to check out the details and purchase now.

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