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SYB Airtube Headset

Block up to 99% cell phone radiation from entering your brain while you listen to music on your phone without losing sound quaility.

SYB Phone Pouch Deluxe

Lab tested for 5G and low frequency EMF, to deflect up to 99% of wireless EMF radiation from your cell phone away from your body.

SYB Sling Bag

A perfect compact, 3 component day back for city sightseeing. It's shielded on one side to protect you from your phone's EMF radiation.

aff - SYB female wearing an over the shoulder bag

SLNT Lifestyle Faraday Sling Bag

This cross-body shoulder bag includes military grade faraday protection - for your body against EMFs and data security.

aff - SYB male wearing a sling bag over his shoulder

SLNT Faraday Sling Bag/Fanny pack

This fanny-pack is made with military grade faraday protection - to reduce EMF exposure and protect from hackers.

SYB - black phone sleeve with phone and charging cable inserted

SLNT Faraday Phone Sleeve

Insert your phone into this faraday protected phone sleeve and instantly disconnect from the grid - non traceable and non hackable.


Skross world travel adapter in white with 2 USB ports

Skross Travel Adapter

An adapter that can be use on all continents. Includes inbuilt 2 USB ports. My Skross charged my phone super fast.

Travelon neck pouch in beige

Travelon Neck Pouch

A RFID blocking undergarment neck pouch. Features two zippered pockets to store passports, money and cards.

Larq water bottle in green/black - two sizes

Larq Water Bottle

A self cleaning, water purifying travel water bottle. Save the environment from plastics. Choose from insulated or lightweight non-insulated bottles.

travelon waist pouch in grey

Travelon Waist Pouch

A RFID blocking undergarment waist pouch. Features two zippered pockets to store passports, money & cards. Plus adjustable waist strap.

Design Go Super Snoozer  inflatable neck pillow

Design Go Super Snoozer

Inflatable travel neck pillow with a 'flat back' design. Constructed with foam and fleece.

Purefly inlfatible travel pillow in grey

Purefly Inflatable Pillow

Inflates with a button. Features a raised neck support and soft velvet material. Comes with a carry pouch.

Samsonite compact neck pillow

Samsonite Compact Inflatable Neck Pillow

Made with soft fleece material for comfort. Has unique valve to inflate with 2 breaths and easy deflate.


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digital luggage scales in black

Aerolite portable digital luggage scales

Weighing capacity up to 50kg/100lbs. One touch operation to weigh in kg / g / lbs / oz. Weigh your bags before you leave home.

BAGSMART travel toiletry bag in beige

BAGSMART hanging toiletry bag

A convenient designed toiletry bag with 3 separate compartments, clear view, elastic straps to hold bottles, carry handles and hanging hook.

BAGSMART mens toiletry bag in black

BAGSMART mens toiletry bag

Compact toiletry organiser for men. Made of quality material and features compartments and pockets. Comes in different colours.

travelon soft shoe bags in beige

Travelon Shoe Bags

Set of 2 bags, made of soft fleece material to protect your shoes and your clothes in your luggage. Has a divided compartment for each large shoe or a small/flat pair of shoes.

Earthwise shoe storage bags in black with red drawstring

Earthwise Shoe  Bags

Set of 4 cotton bags with drawstring. Use one bag for pair of smaller shoes or one bag for each large shoe. Machine washable.

Herschel travel pouches in blue with red tab in 3 sizes

Herschel Travel Pouches

Three slim, lightweight zippered pouches.To keep important or delicate items separate in your luggage.


aerolite holdall bag in wine colour

Aerolite Holdall Bag

20L cabin bag with adjustrable shoulder strap. Features sleeve on back to fit over trolley handles and lockable main compartment.

5 cities flight bag in city print

5 Cities Flight Bag

14L carry-on hand luggage. Features a front zip pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. Comes in different colours/prints.


Aerolite laptop backpack in black

Aerolite Laptop Backpack

39L that can be worn as a backpack or over your shoulder with a detachable shoulder strap. Features dedicated zipped compartments and a laptop pouch.

Aerolite flight backpack in black

Aerolite Flight Backpack

18L backpack. Features 3 different zipped compartments with tablet pouch and side water-bottle holder.


Aerolite cabin hand luggage on wheels in charcoal colour

Aerolite - cabin hand luggage

35L hard shell cabin bag. Features push button retractable trolley handle, internal packing straps and shoe pockets.

Aerolite premium cabin hand luggage

Aerolite - premium cabin hand luggage

38L premium finish cabin bag with built in TSA combination lock. Features 4 dual-spinner wheels and a zipped internal divider.

Aerolite vintage classic hand luggage with wheels in beige and brown trimmings

Aerolite Vintage Classic - cabin hand luggage

Retro styled cabin bag. Features 4 dual spinner wheels, zipped divider pocket and 3 digit combination barrel padlock.

Aerollite lightweight cabin hand luggage in black with wheels

Aerolite Lightweight - cabin hand luggage

42L rip resistant polyester fabric bag. Features two front zip pockets and 3 digit combination barrel padlock.

Aerolite lightweight soft shell cabin hand luggage in black and grey with wheels

Aerolite soft shell

33L, 4 wheel cabin hand luggage. Features a combination lock inside.


Aerolite lightweight large suitcase in grey and black

Aerolite lightweight luggage - large

105L large suitcase. Features 4 wheels and large front pocket


Aerolite vintage trunk style medium in beige with brown trimmings

Aerolite Vintage Trunk Style - medium

71L hard shell case in vintage style. Features 4 dual spinner wheels and internal mesh divider.

Aerolite vintage trunk style large in beige with brown trimmings

Aerolite Vintage Trunk Style - large

112L hard shell case in vintage style. Features 4 dual spinner wheels and internal mesh divider.

Aerolite lightweight hard shell medium suitcase in charcoal colour

Aerolite - medium suitcase

84L hard shell medium  suitcase. Features internal zipped divider and 3-digit combination barrel padlock.

Aerolite lightweight hard shell large suitcase in wine colour

Aerolite - large suitcase

131L hard shell large sized suitcase. Features internal zipped divider and 3 digit combination barrel padlock.

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