shopping in kuala lumpur

If bargain shopping is one of your favourite passtimes, then you will want to know how to plan your shopping in Kuala Lumpur. Put your shopping skills to the test by visiting 9 of the KL's best shopping centres.

Do you think its possible to visit nine multi-storey malls while shopping in Kuala Lumpur during Malaysia sales season in one week? Well I did it. Only because I had been to K.L. once before and already had a fair idea of what shops are available in each shopping centre. Then I was able to streamline my shopping process every day.

First thing to know if you love bargain shopping, is to try and plan your visit to Malaysia to coincide within one of the three highly anticipated annual national sales periods, as promoted by the Malaysian government. Yes, these sales are enforced by the government!

  • Malaysia Super Sale – usually in February/March (for 2018 -  from 1 Feb to 15 March)
  • Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival – sometime during mid-year (2018 – 15 May to 31 July)
  • Malaysia Year End Sale – usually during November/December (2018 – 1 November to 31 December)

So as Malaysia’s first sales season has just started for 2018, there is still time take full advantage of the discounts. You can save up to 70%  at all shopping centres, retail outlets and markets across the country.  

To make it easier for you to plan your shopping  spree, I shall share with you my quick guide I compiled on my last shopping in Kuala Lumpur holiday. There are so many shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur but I will outline the 9 centres that I have personally been to.

But first I want to share a couple of tips:

  • 1
    At every shopping centre, before you start shopping, go to the Concierge Desk first and ask for a Tourist Card. Simply show your passport and you’ll be given a booklet that details all the store discount offers. Extra savings…woohoo!
  • 2
    For Australian shoppers, I found cosmetics to be the same price as in Australia. Levi jeans about AU$80 which are cheaper than Australia but not as cheap as in the US.

List of Kuala Lumpur shopping centres

Lot 10:

Lot 10 is a quieter shopping complex with Isetan (Japanese department store) as the main feature. It had cheap shoes and cheap or Australia priced clothing. Also has a Zara store (my fave), facing the main street.

Convenience feature - it is also connected to the monorail by a skybridge.

Fahrenheit 88:

Shoe shopping in Kuala Lumpur is fantastic. I called Fahrenheit 88 the shoe shopping haven as it has so many shoe stores. Vincci’s (great priced shoes) on the outside facing the main street. A few international branded shoe shops inside, such as Bally’s, Charles & Keith.  Plus more shoe shops on the second level.

‘Ethnic’ is a refreshingly different women’s clothing store with designs by a local Malaysian designer.

Probably the quietest shopping mall inside.

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shopping in kuala lumpur includes christmas decorations in main foyer

Christmas shopping at Pavilion.

My favourite. The photo at the top of this blog is the result of my first day shopping at this centre! The Pavilion is a large multi-level shopping complex. One half contains upmarket shops such as Gucci, Versace, Prada etc. The other half consists of your typical international brands such as Esprit, Top Shop, Guess, MNG, La Senza, Roxy, Vincci, British India, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Promod etc. Plus a Pandora kiosk.

Parksons is the feature department store. In fact, this store has better variety and quality shoes than Parksons in Sungai Wang Plaza.

Vincci shoe stores are a chain and you will find them everywhere. The best part is that each Vincci shoe store had different styles.

TG Tip:  Great restaurant on Level 6 called Din Tai Fung. Voted top 10 restaurants by NY Times. It serves local cuisine. We shared 3 dishes for RM25 each between two of us (approx. AU$8 each).

Sungai Wang Plaza:

The Sungai Wang Plaza, located opposite the Parkroyal Hotel, has to be one of the longest running shopping centres in Malaysia. I remember it from my very first visit to Kuala Lumpur back in the early 1990s.

You will find many locals shop here but is popular with tourists too. Lots of little shops with Asian flavoured clothing, cheap shoes and bric-a-brac stalls selling mobile accessories, junk jewellery, scarves, bags etc.

It is connected to the BB Plaza shopping centre,  which the feature department store is Metrojaya which offers very affordable prices inside.

Also there are quite a few massage and spa centres too. All offering very good deals which are better than at hotels but the quality of treatment received varies greatly.  You can find more massage shops along Jalan Bukit Bintang further down the road.

TG Tip:  Copy DVD movies can be purchased on level 3 in the Green Zone. Best place is Nick at Venushome (Lot T-037). He's very honest with you as to which movies are good copies and which are bad. Last time I paid RM8 each (approx. AU$2.70).

Berjaya Times Square:

The most exciting shopping in Kuala Lumpur has to be at Berjaya Times Square. Not only is it connected to the massive Berjaya Hotel, it is a huge 10 level shopping centre. It comes complete with an indoor roller coaster and amusement park. Wow a theme park in the middle of the shopping complex.

shopping in kuala lumpur includes an indoor roller coaster

Indoor roller coaster inside the Berjaya Shopping Centre

Ground and first floor have some ‘western’ type clothing shops. From the second level up, it’s all Asian style clothing and shoes and bric-a-bracs. Bring your earplugs as all shops seem to play loud music to entice you in. Most of the shoes were of the pointed variety!

I only bought at Ethnic, a local designer with nice refreshing styles. And Voir for cheap jeans and t-shirts.

It was a pleasant change to see different shops from the usual branded shops in Pavilion and Suria-KLCC.


The KLCC-Suria shopping centre is connected under the famous Petronas Towers.

It’s about a 15 minute walk from Pavilion shopping centre, through a series of connected walkways.

This centre contains a lot of similar shops as in the Pavilion. High end shops interspersed with regular shops. Had the same international branded shops such as British India, Guess, Top Shop, Zara, Esprit, Nine West, Massimo Dutti, La Senza, MNG, Sketchers, Pandora kiosk etc. But were smaller in size with less variety than what is offered in their Pavilion stores. I noticed there were fewer discounts but a lot more people about, especially on weekends.

Parksons is the major department store, displaying designer clothing brands. Even more upmarket than Parksons at the Pavilion.

Other feature stores exclusive to Suria is a small Marks & Spencers, GAP, Giordano Ladies (smart office wear type of clothing instead of casual wear as in their other stores around town), Harrods and Banana Republic.

a female standing in between the Petronas towers from a below angle

In addition to shopping, allow extra time to partake the ‘climb’ up the Petronas Towers for spectacular views over the whole city and beyond.

Plaza Low Yat:

For all your electronic shopping in Kuala Lumpur, you can’t beat Plaza Low Yat, located behind Sungai Wang Plaza.

All shops on all floors are totally technology including mobile phones, tablets, cameras and all accessories. Therefore, making it easy and time saving to compare prices from several stores in the one place to ensure you get the best bargain price.

Prices were about 10% cheaper than Perth (my home town) but be aware that the warranty does not extend outside of Malaysia.

Starhill Gallery:

The Starhill Gallery is located next to the Pavilion. It contains mainly the very high end shops! Debenhams, from the UK, opened a few years ago and is the only affordable shop!

Mid Valley Megamall:

One train stop from Sentral Station to the Mid Valley stop (approx. 40cents train fare) is the huge Mid Valley Megamall. It is basically two shopping malls joined together.

The Megamall section contains mostly shops with Asian styles.

This mall then connects to The Garden mall, containing mostly western brands. First level is the high brand shops such as Gucci, Versace etc. At the other levels are more reasonable shopping. The Garden is about half the size of Pavilion. It does have the department store Isetan (more upmarket than Isetan in Lot 10), Robinsons (department store with quality and expensive brands) and Marks & Spencers.

Bonus KL shopping area

Central Markets:

Located around the corner from Chinatown. Contains lots of interesting local crafts and souvenirs.


Chinatown is a 5 minute walk away from Central Markets. It is two streets lined with hawkers stalls mainly selling fake bags (RM70 – 100), t-shirts, scarves, sunnies etc. At one end of the crossroad junction is a selection of Chinese restaurants, which had really, really tasty food.

Be sure to check out the Kuala Lumpur for first timers blog if you haven't been to Malaysia before.

Well I hope that’s enough information to get you started on your bargain shopping in Kuala Lumpur. Do you have any other favourite shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur? Let us know why in the comments below.

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Lisa is a travel gypsy by heart, having already been to over 70 countries and still counting. Founder of Travel Groove, to share travel tips, tricks and knowledge with other travellers.

    • Hope you make it there Adrianne. Although both K.L and Melbourne are great shopping destinations, sometimes its good to change things up a little for variety!

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