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Every travel gadget review below is tried and tested by me. I'm quite particular in what I expect from gadgets and how useful they are. So you will always get my honest opinion in every review.

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Travel gadget reviews

Honest reviews as I put the travel gadgets to the test.

If you like to read or write while on holidays, then you are going love Vekkia’s rechargeable neck reading light.

There is one item that always travels with me on every long-haul flight I take. That would be my trusty

Let me save you the trouble and show you why the JOBY GorillaPod is the best travel tripod. The hardest

One way to protect your ears while listening to music on those long-distance trips is with Safesleeve air tube headphones. I learnt

The LARQ water bottle is the answer! It's the answer that many travellers face on how to access clean drinking

In my first travel gadgets review blog, I will be reviewing the Mighty Bright Miniflex book light. Specifically, I test

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Travel gadget stories

Blog articles that involve travel gadgets in some way.

It’s that time of year again where we have to start thinking what gifts are we going to buy for

Are you a little stuck for Christmas/holiday gift purchases? Why not consider travel gift ideas.Although there are travel restrictions on

During my recent six month holiday, I discovered how travelling without modern travel gadgets can lead to a negative experience.

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