Travel Gadgets

Handy travel gadgets are so useful because they:

1. Reduce the amount of space it takes up in your bag.

2. Reduce the weight of your luggage.

3. Makes your travelling life so much easier.

In fact, in today's world, it is difficult to travel without gadgets.

Our Favourite Travelling Products

Travelling book light

Watch the video by clicking on the image, for a review of the Mighty Bright Miniflex book light.

Or you can read the review blog here.

travel packing guide

Mini laundry kit

A mini laundry pack is handy for backpackers/travellers on long journeys or if you prefer to wash small items yourself in your room.

Your laundry pack can be bought pre-made or it’s simple to create your own.

The pre-made packs include a small bottle of washing detergent, elasticised pegless clothes line that you can hook up anywhere in your room or outdoors between tent and trees and inflatable coat hangers (great for drying jackets and delicate’s).

Also consider adding to the pack a lightweight plastic sink plug which is handy for quick clothing washes in your ensuite.

Bose headphones

Noise cancelling headphones

If you’re a frequent flyer, the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are the best travel gadget investment you’ll ever make.

They completely cut out the background engine nose that permeates through the cabin. Therefore, you can snooze better and listen to movies or music much clearer. It includes an adapter to hook up to the onboard entertainment system. Your ears will love you for it.

travel gadget swiss army knife

Swiss army knife

The multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife never goes out of fashion. It comes in handy for many situations. Scissors, knife, cork screw and bottle opener are always needed!

Skross world travel adapter in white with 2 USB ports

Universal, all-in-one travel adapters

Buy the adaptors that contain worldwide plugs, as well as 2 USB for recharging smartphones, tablets or batteries. Means you only need to carry one bundle for all your electronic needs. I've personally used and recommend Skross and Samsonite brands.

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