Are you a little stuck for Christmas/holiday gift purchases? Why not consider travel gift ideas.

Although there are travel restrictions on at the moment, the following travel gifts can be used at home as well as for travelling locally or internationally. What makes a perfect travel gift idea? It is useful and practical to use in more situations than one.

 Lets look at 12 suggestions below to get your brain ticking
upzipped backpack showing compartments

Travel Backpack - for tech savvy

Herschel’s offer the modern traveller a backpack designed especially for tech-savvy journeys. Pefect travel gift idea for those who like to bring all their gadgets with them on travels.

The modern, sleek design features a luggage trolley sleeve, main compartment for your in-flight essentials, front compartment with organisers, a padded compartment to fit a 15in laptop and dual water bottle pockets.

These 30L packs comes in 8 different colours and with a limited lifetime warranty. They also offer a smaller 20L version if you prefer.

Don’t like this one? Take a look at their other 90 designs.

LARQ Water Bottle

This is not just any standard water bottle. It is a portable self-cleaning, self-contained water purification water bottle. Quite a game changer for travellers. No more contributing disposable plastic bottled water to landfills. No more worrying or getting sick from contaminated water.

The bottles’ lid contains propriety UV-C LED technology to emit UVC light into the water to eradicate up to 99.9999%  of germs. It does this by destroying the DNA in bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

LARQ offers two types of water bottles – insulated and non-insulated. Obviously the non-insulated bottles, called LARQ Bottle Movement, is lighter and cheaper. Both types come in an array of cool and trendy colour schemes.

They look great and are better for the environment.

travel gift - small rectangular grey pouch bag with black strap

Tote Bags

Here’s a travel gift idea for those who don’t want to carry too much. A perfect alternative to carrying a backpack during the day. Herschel’s Lane Messenger is a vertical commuter style bag designed to fit an iPad and small daily essentials. Practical and smart. Comes in 5 colours and in a smaller version that fits an iPad mini.

travel gift of dusty pink colour packing cudes with mesh top plus dry bag

Travel Organisers

I really need to get one of these. If you’re like me, I’m always scrummaging through my bags trying to find small items. These travel organisers enable you separate your garments and store them in small packing cubes. You get three different sized cubes. For example, one for socks, one for underwear and one for t-shirts.

Also included is a ripstop dry bag, perfect to put your wet items in or to keep things dry! Comes in 8 colours.

3 blue colour laundry bags laying flat

Laundry Bag

This is taking organisation more seriously. I always pack a laundry bag in my suitcase on any trip. It’s a convenient way to keep used garments separate – don’t want to use the same underwear twice! Plus when its time to do laundry at the hotel or tourist park, all you have to do is pick up the bag and walk to the laundromat. It’s all organised for you.

The set comes with 1 x poly ripstop bag, 1 x mesh bag and 1 x shoe bag. Comes in three colours.

a kit including inflatable neck pillow, eye mask and slippers

Amenity Kit

When travel restrictions are lifted, be prepared for the next flight with an amenity kit. The kit includes ear plugs, an eye mask, slippers and inflatable neck pillow. In this age of cheap flights, the airlines no longer provide such luxuries anymore. A useful travel gift idea that can also be a luxury on a long country drive!!

travel gift idea of closed compact umbrella in army colours

Compact Voyage Umbrella

Most of get caught in the rain as we don’t want to carry a big or bulky umbrella. But these Herschel compact umbrellas fit easy into any backpack or handbag. I always keep one in the glove box of my car, so that I’m prepared.

Unzipped wallet with red interior and black extorier

Card Wallet

A travel gift for those who carry a lot of cards with them. The Tyler Wallet is a convenient bi-fold wallet with a full zip. It features a centre divider to separate your cards and a RFID blocking layer. Comes in 9 colours.

travel gift of grey coloured carry bags with black straps

Airline approved hand luggage

UK company Travel Luggage and Cabinbags have taken out the guesswork for you. They have made it easy for you to select cabin bags that satisfy certain airlines dimension limits for carry on luggage. This size will also be perfect for weekend getaways and short trips at home. Now you only need one bag instead of two.

Click on the airline that the gift recipient travels on the most:

Ryan Air
British Airways
Wizz Air
Virgin Atlantic

travel gift for children - small blue and grey suitcase with pouch holding a teddy bear

MiniMAX Childrens Carry-on Luggage

What a unique travel gift idea for kids – a bag that includes a teddy. This little carry-on bag on wheels features an adjustable front pouch to hold many different teddies, dolls or toys. No more leaving behind the most important member of the family!!

It also has an optional feature of adjustable backpack straps, which allows the bag to be carried instead of wheeled. The choice is yours.

travel gift of books - front cover of book called Ubuntu

Travel Novels

If we can’t travel, another way to satisfy our wanderlust is to read about it. There are many choices out there, adventures of all kinds.

One author I particularly enjoyed reading this year was Heather Ellis. One brave lady that decided to travel the whole length of Africa alone on a motorcycle. And then rode from Europe to Asia along the silk road. Even though I don’t like motorbikes and will never get on one, her stories had me enthralled. The shock at the end of first book made me realise how lucky I’ve been during my travels. But then in Heathers’ second book, she showed me how courage and resilience always wins.

Makes a wonderful gift for either a traveller or motorcycle enthusiast.

Ubuntu – One woman’s motorcycle odyssey across Africa

Timeless on the Silk Road – an odyssey from London to Hanoi

So which travel gift are you going buy? Perhaps for yourself too!! Hurry up though, some items are selling fast.

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