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The below 'travel recommendations' is a list of Travel Grooves favourite and trusted websites. Feel confident using them when making your own travel arrangements online. These websites are either tried and tested myself or are companies that I have dealt with when I was a travel agent.


Skyscanner lists all the airfares on majority of the airlines around the world. Scan quickly for the best deal.

Another third party website that lists airfares in a quick scan format to find the best deal. They tend to include low cost airlines.

logo for stasher, a luggage storage company

Affordable daily luggage storage at trusted shops and hotels around the world. Better than leaving your luggage at the airport - if they offer luggage hold anymore!

If you're flying in/out of the UK, then National Express is one of the most inexpensive ways to travel to/from airports and overland to other cities.


A comprehensive list of accommodation worldwide. Complete with maps, hotel info and reviews. Choose by location or by price!

Hostels cater for everyone. Travel on a budget and stay in dorms. Or you can choose from their luxury range and stay in double/twin rooms instead.


Skyscanner can also show you a list of car rental companies and their prices so you can scan for the best deal on one page.


World class coaching holidays to various destinations in Asia. They specialise in China but have also opened up tours in South America too.

Wendy Wu also think about the solo traveller. Perfect for travelling with like minded people when you dont have a travelling companion.

The leaders in small group adventure tours, (dont worry, not extreme stuff!). You have the benefit of locally based guides plus the flexibility to do your own thing too.

A Trip Advisor company that sells sightseeing tours and activities at many locations around the world. You can read the reviews on Trip Advisor.

travel insurance

Travel insurance for anyone, even if you're already travelling

Travel insurance cover for Australian travellers.

An amazing journey by a solo female traveller, riding her motorcycle throughout Africa. Would you do it?

Heathers incredible soul searching journey continues as she rides from London back to Australia via the Silk Road.

I read this book as I travelled Chile from North to South, just as the author did. Interesting to read how things change and dont change over the years.

The funniest adventure book I have ever read. Find out how riding a trike down the whole length of West Australia can be so hilarious.

Choose any audio book you want and listen from your phone or tablet. Saves carrying heavy books on your holiday.

Save carrying around heavy books in your bags, when you can download many novels into one kindle!

Find a selection of Lonely Planet guides on Amazon by clicking on the above image.

Another source to find and order books for your travels. I like Book Depository because they offer FREE shipping worldwide.

If you dont like reading on devices, you are spoilt for choice for Amazon paperbacks. And spoilt with discounts. Just click on the blue link above.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I do earn a commission if you click & purchase on any of the below travel links,. However, you are in no way paying more for the product. The commission earned enables me to continue providing you with the best travel insights for your future travels.)

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