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The global Covid-19 pandemic may have brought the world to a screeching halt but it doesn’t mean you have to stop ‘travelling’. There are creative ways to get around this and travel the world without leaving home.

Yes, the travel bans have seriously altered our travel plans and the way we live. Although we can’t seriously think about planning travel right now, there are other ways to satisfy our travel desires.

Here are 14 different and interesting ways you can travel around the world without leaving home or you comfy couch!

1. Revisiting old travel photos

woman looking down at photo album, reminiscing to travel the world without leaving home

Revisit your past travel photos to reminisce your travel adventures. Dust off your old photo albums or open those long forgotten photo folders on your computer and have a giggle or cringe.

Maybe now is a good opportunity to sort out all those photos too, that you've been meaning to do for ages. Delete all the bad and out-of-focus photos and file the remaining photos into folders (categorise in countries or cities).

2. Turn photos into works of art

Turn your favourite photos into works of art. You can have them printed onto canvas so you can hang on your walls to give you a smile every day.

Alternatively, you can have a collection printed into a coffee table book. Makes a wonderful conversation starter for when we allowed to have visitors in our home once again.

In Australia, Officeworks has such a service. Or just Google for ‘canvas photo prints’.

3. Live calls with overseas friends

laptop on table with cup of coffee skype talking to a friend

Staying in touch doesn’t mean it has to be face to face. Skype, Zoom or live call your overseas friends to catch up. It will you stay calm and positive.

Last weekend I spoke with my friend in Brussels via Zoom and was interesting to learn how life is for them at the moment. My friend felt so much better as he lives alone in his apartment.

4. Read travel blogs

Why not read some travel blogs. It can be for pure entertainment or for research purposes as you dream about your next holiday once the pandemic is over.

For example, take a read of last month’s blog about how I experienced the big 2015 earthquake in Nepal. That was a different type of crisis compared to today, but it still caused me to change the way I think. I tend to value life more now and strive to make the most of every waking moment. I always look for the positives, even in the current challenges.

5. Travel diaries

13 travel diaries sitting on a book shelf, ready to travel the world without leaving home

Read your travel diaries as another way to reminisce on your past travel adventures.

I’ve kept a diary on every travel adventure I’ve ever had. About a year ago I started to read them after many years sitting on my shelf. It was entertaining. For my earlier travels, I couldn’t even remember doing half the things or seeing certain places. So it was lovely to be reminded of those experiences.

I guess the drawback of travelling too much is that you don’t remember every single thing!! I’m glad a kept a travel diary.

6. Get creative with travel writing

If you don’t keep a travel diary, how about getting creative while sitting on your comfy couch.

Start to write about your own travel adventures. It can be short or long stories. It can be about travels within one country only. Or about a particular experience that had a profound effect on you. 

Who knows, maybe there is a book in you.

7. Binge stream

Occupy many hours by binge streaming a TV travel series. There are so many to choose from.

An Idiot Abroad, Travel Man, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year,  Departures, Walking the Nile, Globetrekker etc.

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8. Visit a museum online

Did you know that you can visit museums through Googles Art and Culture?

Once on the Arts and Culture page, simply search the word ‘museums’ in the search bar. Then scroll and choose from the wide selection.

9. Immerse yourself in travel novels

Keep your inner travel gypsy alive by reading some books on real life travels. Perhaps select books that are set in the country of your next dream holiday.

I remember reading Travels in a Thin Country while I travelled through Chile.  I enjoyed reading Captain Corelli’s Mandolin as I sailed through the Greek Islands. And one book I wish I had read before I travelled through Tuscany for three weeks  was The Medici – the rise and fall of the most influential Tuscan family that contributed greatly to the renaissance period. I want to go back to view the art again with a greater knowledge and appreciation.

The ones I’ve read in the last year are adventures that I wouldn’t do myself personally but was great to live through their eyes as they experienced it. Some choices below:

Fat Chick Goes AWOL – exploring Western Australia the hard way, on a trike!

Ubuntu, a motorcycle odessey – an adventure of a life time by a solo female travelling through Africa on a motor bike. She learnt an important rule that helped her escape little mishaps to dangerous dramas.

10. Listen to travel podcasts

There are so many options to choose. It basically boils down to what is your type of travel groove!

If a Hostel Could Talk – inspiring and encouraging people to travel and explore.

The Budget Minded Traveller – inspiration and tips to travel without blowing your budget.

Women who travel – covers a wide range of topics for female travellers.

This Week in Travel – keep up with all the travel  industry gossip and news.

11. Watch some Live Cams 

Explore  Organisation offers a variety of live cams and recorded highlights in various places around the world.

You can look for African animals in Kenya, be mesmerised by the northern lights in Canada or watch the pipeline surfing in Hawaii. Many options to choose from.

12. Put your cooking lesson notes to the test

One type of tour that travellers enjoy is partaking in a local cooking class. I’ve been to cooking classes in Tuscany and in India, with the intention to enjoy the local cuisines once I returned home. However, the recipes are still sitting on my shelf.

So now is the time to retrieve those lost international recipes and start cooking.  Not only are you mastering a new skill and a new meal to add to your repertoire, you are also dining internationally in your own home.

13. Jigsaw puzzles are back

It seems that the Covid-19 lock down has brought about a renwed interest in jigsaw puzzles once again. Its easy to order online and have delivered to your door. Plus it takes up hours of your day, especially if you get a difficult one.

Choose travel related pictures, such as this 1000 piece world map puzzle or try a 3D world map jigsaw puzzle.

14. Learn the language of your next holiday destination

Quite often we don’t have the time to learn the language of the country we are flying to. We fly in, stay in a hotel with English speaking staff and before you know it we’re on the flight home.

Now you have some time to make the effort to learn the essential words and numbers. How wonderful it is to surprise the locals by speaking some words in their language. They will appreciate it and you’ll enjoy the new level of interaction.

Lots of language apps and courses online, such as Babbel and Duolingo.

How are you going to travel the world without leaving home?

Don’t let the current situation bring you down. There is hope at the end of the tunnel but that doesn’t mean we have to stop living or dreaming right now.

Let me know which of the above suggestions you want to try first or interests you the most? How are you going to explore and travel the world without leaving home?

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About the author

Lisa is a travel gypsy by heart, having already been to over 70 countries and still counting. Founder of Travel Groove, to share travel tips, tricks and knowledge with other travellers.

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