Vekkia rechargeable neck reading light – product review

BY Lisa 

|  15 May 2022

If you like to read or write while on holidays, then you are going love Vekkia’s rechargeable neck reading light. I’ve done all the research and testing for you. 

You see I love to write in my travel diary in the evenings before bed. But I’m also mindful about not disturbing others in my room, especially when I’m staying in a backpackers. In the past, I’ve used 

  • Maglites that you could stand up like a candle or hang inside the tent 
  • Flashlights 
  • Headlamps that I would hang around my neck 
  • and the Mighty Bright book light with a clip 
3 items laid on table - headlamp, clip on booklight and orange coloured flashlight

My previous lighting devices I brought with me on my travels.

But as my Mighty Bright book light finally came to the end of its life, it was time to try something new. I had heard about these neck book lights. Plus a reader asked if I could review a rechargeable book light. So I put forward my plan of utilising my researching and testing skills. And concluded with the following information for you. 

What to watch out for 

I did a thorough research on the internet, for a wide variety of neck reading lights. Mainly by reading about the spec’s and then the product reviews before I made my final decision. 

I noticed there was some common problems that kept arising. You may want to keep the following in mind if you do your own research. 

  1. 1
    The lights were so bright it lit up the whole room. Probably not so suitable if travelling on a plane or bus. Lighting up the entire cabin may attract some abuse from other travellers! However, it would be quite useful for walking around dark places, like having your own flashlight. 
  2. 2
    The rechargeable batteries didn’t last as long as they proclaimed. 
  3. 3
    The battery compartment on the neckband felt too bulky and heavy when resting on the back of the neck. 
  4. 4
    The flexible band started to fray at the connection to the battery compartment after a short period of use. 

So after taking all this into account, I chose the brand that had the least amount of negative reviews. Plus, the one that had the least brightness. It’s important to me that I don’t light up the whole plane or disturb sleeping companions. 

The winner was the Vekkia rechargeable neck reading light, with a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon. 

The spec’s 

Main spec's/features

diagram showing vekkia neck light dimensions and inclusions
  • Weighs 102gr (3.6oz) 
  • Batteries and USB charging cable included. 
  • LED light bulb on each arm – 2 watts. 
  • Has a thin buckle rope, if you need to control how close the arms should sit. 
  • 3 colour temperatures – Warm light, white light and mixed light 
    Adjusted by a long click on the push button. 
  • 3 brightness levels – soft, bright and luminous. 
    Adjusted by a short click on the push buttons. 
    Has a thin buckle rope, if you need to control how close the arms should sit. Has a thin buckle rope, if you need to control how close the arms should sit. 
diagram showing 9 different lightning modes

My experience using the Vekkia Neck Light 

  • Feels so light to wear around the neck. Don’t feel it all if its sitting on clothing or wrapped under the collar. Obviously, you can feel it when it’s sitting on your bare skin but there is no heaviness at all. 
  • With its 3 levels of brightness and 3 types of light temperatures, you can ensure you don’t disturb others around you. 
  • The brightness levels are more than adequate. I found most times I only had to turn on one arm only, especially when its on the brightest setting. 
  • I was able to plug the USB cable into my Samsung phone plug and it took 90 minutes to fully charge. 
  • The product feels sturdy and good quality. So far, the flexible arms still maintain shape and havent’ frayed. 
  • On three occasions, I found the Vekkia in my bag with the lights turned on. The lights are activated by a push button rather than a slider. So it must have come in contact with other items in my bag and pressed against the button. 
  • I didn’t need to bring the recharger with me on short holidays as the battery lasts a long time. Plus I didn’t do more than 20 hours of reading time. I do hope you take some time to experience the sights, food and culture too! 
  • I noticed that on the initial charge the lights dimmed by 50% in the last hour of use, before it completely cut off. Every recharge thereafter, I no longer got a warning. The lights simply cut off immediately when the battery was dead. 

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How long does the charge last! 

When I received the product, it was already charged. Hard to determine if it was fully charged. But with that initial charge, it lasted for 21.6 hours of reading time. 

Below are the results of further testings I did. These tests are based on using one lamp only on the brightest setting. 


Type of Usage

Total duration

Initial charge - straight out of the box

Short bursts of use - clicked on/off for 2-3 minutes per session. 

21.6 hours 

First full recharge 

Short bursts of use – as above 

7.9 hours

Second full recharge 

Short bursts of use – as above

10 hours 

Third full recharge 

Long use – clicked on for use between 30 min to 2 hours per session. 

18.6 hours

Therefore, you can see that the initial charge lasted the longest, even though the lights were frequently switched on/off. But if you revert back to longer use each time, you can almost get 20 hours usage again.  

Keep in mind though, as these results are based on using one lamp, the battery wont last as long if you used both lamps. 

The pro's and con's

  • Versatile – use for reading, working, crafting or simple night walks.
  • Extremely light and comfortable to wear. 
  • So portable that you can fold it to fit into a small or handbag. 
  • Made of good quality material, therefore its sturdy to use. 
  • Flexible soft rubber arms – can position it to point directly where you want it to and it holds. You can even bend it to shape it like a desk lamp. 
  • With up to 9 different lighting modes (temperature and brightness), it adjusts easily to ensure you don’t disturb people around you. 
  • Don’t have to clip onto a book or pages.
  • As the battery lasts a long time with one charge, its one less recharging cable to bring with you on the shorter holidays 
  • They claim the neck light has a life span of 1000 cycles. No more wasting money on batteries. 
  • The on/off push button can be easily depressed by other items in your bag when resting against it. However, it can be avoided if packed well (with the buttons facing inwards) or placed in its own case. 
the vekkia neck reading light curled up and placed into a black case

Curled up the Vekkia neck light and placed into my old Bose headphone case.

Watch the video review by tapping on the image below

Click to play

Is the Vekkia neck reading light worth buying? 

Product Rating Summary

I was very happy with the quality of the product and lighting ability. Would have given battery life a 5 if there was consistency in length of charge from first to second use. 

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars


light quality

battery life

So in conclusion, I highly recommend the Vekkia neck reading light 

It makes the perfect gift idea for the traveller in your family or circle of friends. It is so useful in many situations. Home based activates such as crafting, writing or looking for dropped items in nooks and crannies. But also for  travel by plane, train or if you love to go camping  

It’s so light and robust which makes it perfect for travelling. 

How will you use your neck book light? 

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